Mark Cunningham

7 Owls
Spectacled Owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata) strungout air gripe glide-seen re-serv(oir) bulb tripwire track(ea) radi(a)call threadt (s/c)ymbion chro(n/m)ozones conduct ra(i)dix ignitting igknitting sensillk divert(r)rickle sinkchronos diagone epicgastric pancrease pin(n)ing gland globull(i) cell commissure webtestines   Short-browed Owl (Pulsatrix pulsatrix) pression propa(un)gag r(o)adi-us newtrawl subjug l(a/i)bitory dissynm/cohear trail (c)lose range cavit(r)y sonick dimand re:f(r)action trans (l/r)ate controll (v)ariation pulseat woo(d) enamore (p)air ex-tension loominessence loudably lingdual inpulse (in)finight sillable newall duplirate havatar   Tawny Owl (Strix aluco) bristsull scavengnarl less(i)on (w)rectric(k)er cillinkluster grip(e) inertials limpvoid nulna scrapular (h)ump raidiuslot remi(ra)ges gluclosed phalanges vaccunpointar (dy)lukecite divor(c/t)e(x) fillopl(u/oo)mes lob(e) humeruse tailoll coiliveretic (b)reach gustf(l)ail aminode (c)leave darelict contract c/hip fibula tube aluck anemat spongag ha(l)ve knot   Bartel’s Wood Owl (Strix bartelsi) s(l)ighted: severall: long intervals not scene betwist and between: neveer undulating phase vibrational increase often in toos ape-birdman plumbeous e(a)cho effect sonorams expload terr(a/o)rChaco Owl (Strix chacoensis) Cho(i)risia insignis b/order b(l)end tu(r)ning forked blurgent co(de/e/i)insist double knote pre-luff messopile suffu(se/r)zone tugumentary verterecallibration dirt buff paraway openmouth tra(n)ces   Rusty-barred Owl (Strix hylophila) un(g)lossed d(i/e)ffer(f)ence ali(g)ne singa(l)ture simil/are identicall deafending terratarry consentric perfus(s)ed rever(b)ge contagunity clear burning bi/(l)ungall coll(u/i)son b/reading comoonicate endinic tras/smitter epifit medium sighesed hyper trop(e)hy for/tune balmbard t(e/o)ther non-split duover twi/g? reapeat the(r)mofaxt insight incite insite   Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) gurglist(e/i)n: innerout centraleach imbrew con seal closextract subraidrip esotearicisquit focalosexude reveal loopspill intrickle overcharge slip(per)collo(c)ation kidney di-vulge dissapate in(un)moderate swamp dissapate vena cavein capillairot s(u/a)ture lap up
Mark Cunningham has two books out from Otoliths, 80 Beetles and Helicotremors, plus several longer sequences. His latest book, Future Words, is available as a free PDF from if p then q.
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