Angelo 'NGE' Colella

The Sleepy Yellow Creature The Sun is raging, the sleeping yellow creature has returned to its gigantic sofa whose beautiful copper sets the tone to start a poem. The Sun is white as the night inside: in the morning it is tall and slightly inclined upwards, and it follows the boiling daisy whose snow-covered branches correspond to the slight inclination of the moon. Poppy balls come and go, poppy balls come and go. The Sun also radiates reverent passion, with its treacherous petals containing flowers of symmetry etc., and a foolish heart that blossoms into everything. We made a drawing on glass out of its passion like a monosyllabic shining thread that becomes dusted with snow when touched. As for me, the distance between my legs has disappeared. In addition, she also discovers that my ugly face is also the mysterious dream castle she woke up in.
Angelo 'NGE' Colella was born in Italy and still lives there. He writes prose and poetry in Italian and English and also makes collages, asemic writing and DADA objects. Some of his works have appeared on Uut Poetry, Utsanga, The Ekphrastic Review, Il Cucchiaio nell'Orecchio, Il Mirino, Multiperso, Otoliths, La Morte per Acqua, 22 Pensieri.
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