Michael Orr & Texas Fontanella

Michael Orr finds his muse in the mixing of mediums and tools. Combining strong geometric abstractions with natural forms and text, occasionally creating patterns from repeating motifs, he invites the viewer to consider the organized chaos of the modern world. Michael likes to watch TV. - michaelorr.org

Texas Fontanella had their first pamphlet, 7, with Donnithorne Street Press. With Brandstifter, they have a chapbook, Stumbled Upon Rimbaud, as well as a book through Red Fox Press, Black Shores. And there are numerous little pamphlets with John M. Bennett and others. They currently have a wealth of material at Garden Lounge, Newtown, in book, tile and canvas form, with many goodies lurking ready in the back of the shop too. They have no fixed address, but live on stolen land, and still participate in postal art communities. Hit them up: texas_robertson@hotmail.com.
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