Issue sixty-seven Date of Publication November 1, 2022.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2022 by their respective creators.

Editor: Mark Young

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Judith Skillman
Three Paintings

Elisa C. Martínez Salazar
from Poems written in the shadow

Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch
Sick Smoke: Plates 1 to 10
Sick Smoke: Plates 11 to 20

Paul Siegell
Five Poems

Michael Orr & Texas Fontanella

Peter Yovu
Seven Visual Pieces

Anna Cates
Three Short Prose Pieces

Sanjeev Sethi
Four Poems

Kyle Hemmings
Seven Visual Pieces

Riccardo Benzina
from Questa è la mia giornata di oggi:

Steven Bruce
The Night, Full of Impossibilities

CL Bledsoe
Five Poems

Texas Fontanella
Selections from a train timetable for Blom
More Selections from a train timetable for Blom, + Two

Alan Catlin
Memories, #524 to #531

David Miller
Two Poems

Craig Cotter
Four Poems

Ali Zarbali
Monologue of a pervert

Sharon H. Frost
Escape into Obliteration

Dale Jensen
Five Poems

Eric Hoffman
The Final Set of Translations of Haiku by Ozaki Hōsai

Lynn Strongin

Karl Kempton
portraiture: oceano dunes to tide line
Part Four : water lace, #1
water lace, #2

Paul Dickey
Two Poems

Jack Galmitz
Four Poems

Gao An
Spring Again

Stacey Allam & John M. Bennett
Four Collaborations

John M. Bennett
18 Pieces of Vispo

Ioan Bunus & John M. Bennett
Ten Pieces of Vispo

Bob Kotyk
Five Poems

Michael J. Leach

petro c. k.
Five Poems

Maria Giesbrecht
Two Poems

Richard Kostelanetz
from SING-SENT MANIFESTOES, pp. 68 – 75

Demosthenes Agrafiotis

KJ Hannah Greenberg
Four Photographs

Grzegorz Wróblewski
Earth Research, Plates 6 to 11

Jimmy Crouse
A Book of Essays

Nathan Anderson
Five Poems

Daniel de Culla

John Geraets

Jennifer Weigel
Five Found Moments

Judith Roitman
Four Poems

Ivars Balkits
from Chakra Doodle Ching

Rob Martelli
Two Poems

Tohm Bakelas
Two Poems

Elaine Woo
Unnamed Art Doll

Michael Sikkema
Three Poems

Livio Farallo
Eight Poems

Diana Magallón
Three Tesselations

Jim Meirose
Of the Saxies und da Maths

Carol Stetser
East / West

Eric Lunde
The Occulatiomorbit Part 1

Sheila E. Murphy
Monsoon Pantoum

dan raphael
Four Poems

Richard Magahiz
Six Poems

Daniel Barbiero
On Philip Lamantia’s “The Image of Ardor”

Pawel Markiewicz
Two Poems

Lawrence R. Smith
Three Poems

Mike Callaghan
Friday Special

John Tustin
Another Nation

George Myers Jr.
MARSHALL BLONSKY on Signs: an interview
Three Visual Pieces

Mark Pirie
Four Poems

James Grabill
Five Poems

Caleb Puckett
Three Poems

Damon Hubbs
Object Poems, 1 - 4

Tim Gaze
Two Visual Pieces

Marilyn R. Rosenberg & Ann R. Shapiro
Color Codes V

Mark Danowsky
Five Poems

Piet Nieuwland
Two Poems

Christopher Barnes
Propaganda, 36 - 40

Guy R. Beining
Two Visuals with Text Series

Harvey Huddleston
Sugar Angels
Half Dark

Sterling Warner
Two Poems

Pete Spence
Three Poems

Julia Vaughan
Four Poems

Lewis LaCook
Four Poems

Dave Read
Twelve Asemic Visuals

Susan Gangel & Ken Hay
3 Glances Out the Window, an excerpt from Particle Theory

Benjamin Niespodziany
Three Prose Poems

Jim Leftwich
Obvius Lee Meets The Thin King, Part 1
Obvius Lee Meets The Thin King, Part 2
Some More Poems

Joanne Bechtel
Three Photographs

Brooks Lampe
Five Poems

Olchar E. Lindsann
Five Poems, An Extract from Arthur Dies, Chronicle II, Vol. 1, & Two Translations

John Digby & Bill Wolak
Eight Collaborative Collages

Linda M. Walker
Four Poems

Maximilian Speicher
A Tale of Trees

Lucia Sapienza
A Room of my Own: reading my memories

Moth trap

Samarra Prahlad
Three Paintings

Gavin Lucky
On the farm

Tom Beckett

Jeff Harrison
Two Poems

Bill Wolak
Eight Collages

James Yeary
2 Solos for Automobile

Joshua Martin
Six Poems

Uvia Shcho

Antonio Devicienti
Three Visual Pieces

Mark Cunningham
Five Owl Poems

Carla Bertola
“Sincerely Yours”

Alberto Vitacchio & Carla Bertola
Plates 1 – 17
Plates 18 – 34
Plates 35 – 51
Plates 52 – 68

Mercedes Webb-Pullman
Six Poems

Edward Kulemin
An amphora of everything

Nicholas Alexander Hayes
Four Poems

harry k stammer
Three Poems

Kenneth Rexroth
Five Columns from San Francisco Magazine
Five More Columns from San Francisco Magazine

Jeff Bagato
Five Poems
Silent Letters

Nathan Whiting
Four Poems & A Prose Piece

Catherine Eaton Skinner
Six Paintings

Eileen R. Tabios
Cover Page
Chapters 1 – 6
Chapters 7 – 12
Chapters 13 – 18
Chapters 19 – 25
Selected Notes

Mark Yale Harris
Four Sculptures

Heath Brougher
Five Poems

Natalie Christensen
Suspended Animation

Vernon Frazer
Five Poems

Bob Lucky
Five Poems

Daniel f Bradley
Five Poems

Heather M. Browne

Marcia Arrieta
Five Visuals, Seven Poems

Patrick Sweeney
Eight Short Form Poems

John Levy
Six Poems

Glenn Ingersoll
100 Lines

Michael Ruby

Hrishikesh Srinivas
Three Poems

J.I. Kleinberg
Six Collages

Kit Kennedy
Six Poems

Caleb Fenez
Two Poems

Keith Nunes
Three Visuals & A Poem

Marilyn Stablein
Road Trip

Cecelia Chapman
Dream Hunter

M.J. Iuppa
Two 100-Word Stories

Daniel Lehan
Three Texts from the DARK PAGES series

Elmedin Kadric
A Kind of good

Hubert Kretschmer & Jürgen O. Olbrich
Six Pages from ME OUR

Penelope Weiss
Two Poems & A Visual

Siân Vate

Elena Zalogina
Grains and Chaff

Jill Jones
Five Poems

Alan Peat & Réka Nyitrai
Three Ekphrastic Haibun

Réka Nyitrai
Four Poems

hiromi suzuki
See the Sky About to Rain

Thomas Camus

Barnaby Smith
Two Visuals

J. D. Nelson
Eight Poems

K. Roberts

Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo
Six Visuals

Peter Cherches
Four Things

Cherie Hunter Day
Five Collages

Keith Higginbotham
Five Poems

Angelo 'NGE' Colella
Three DADA Collages

Darrell Petska
Today is Tahiti

David Jalajel

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
Three Poems

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett

Maximilian Speicher
(A complete) Life


Otoliths would like to acknowledge the Juru People who are the traditional custodians of the land where this journal is prepared.