Michael Sikkema

Memoir of a taxidermy cloud

Memoir of a stay-at-home forest fire 

Memoir of a half plaid orgasm

Memoir of rat plastic

Memoir of festive revenge

Memoir of spray-on democracy	

Memoir of satanic rice

Memoir of swine golf enthusiast 

Memoir of ghoul nuggets

Memoir of insufficient funds

Memoir of the strawberry moth

Memoir of the Seed Beast

Memoir of the cobweb-scented candle

Memoir of orchestral crowbar 

Memoir of a few gently removed organs

Memoir of an AI-generated family tree

Memoir of a police line-up

Memoir of a hag stone stoplight

Memoir of what’s under the hood

Memoir of the wolf is the pack

Memoir of a flaming xmas tree

Memoir of lingerie parachute

Memoir of some small hundred

Memoir of a mech suit created in your image

Memoir of a pocket alien

Memoir of machete clarinet 

Memoir of every child’s warning label

Memoir of a recycled carapace 

Memoir of a housefire hen

Memoir of life support 

Memoir of so many eyes

Memoir of needing to be better dirt

Memoir of high water 

Memoir of credit score cum bubble nostalgia 

Memoir of all night an octopus corpse

Memoir with the back of a knife

Memoir of that hole that $ falls through


Boing, Extinction VS Wow! Signal 

Bernadette adjusts the pitch of the headtake 

Francis charts 
the decline in song variation 

Jerry documents an impossible 

Ted compares farts short and wet with 
farts short and dry, adjusts the timbre

Alice pinpoints the initial absence 
of gopher frog song 

Shida perks up with a spike 
of signal bursts from 1.5 light 
years away 

Soham truncates 
the Wilhelm scream, pairing 
it with Castle Thunder 

Bronwen creates a warbler library 

Nico suspects that the northern feed 
tube of the Big Ear picked 
up a lighthouse distress signal 
from way out there  

Erin employs the xylophone tiptoe technique 

Kalleen mourns 
breakdowns in the dirt resonance 
of the biophony 

Brewster isn't 
buying the BS 
about merging 
neutron stars 

Levar stabs cabbage 
for a witch death effect 

Neil snorts powdered rhino horn 

Robert skips coded 
numbers off 
the ionosphere 
to own the libs 

Cassidy fries bacon 
to simulate funeral rain while 
Vivian designs an army of ghost 
monarchs that circle 
the White House and shriek 

Levi dials up Cherry Road and 
the Lincolnshire Poacher 
and so is told "backup channel 
romeo x-ray three nine" 

Clark shoots large metal 
washers past a series of five 
mics to capture a ricochet 

Heath details how fire retardant 
chemicals from your couch got into 
the liver of a bald eagle as 
Akin's hair has grown back 
enough to conceal the message 
so you can expect a new version 
of the Voice of God Weapon 
to be on the market soon 

Boardwalk, a five mile loop

cedar pop, a slow hiss, skywise
lion’s mane looks like free range

brains haunted white but cook
like seafood in the pan
Half a mile of moss logs can’t

cure the road’s cut but the mane
regrows nerves killed by poison 
and time. Ostrich fern green

on green, we see no one until
the last few hundred yards
right near the trailhead, three

young women with backpacks
heading deep, one with toilet 
paper bobbing on a trowel handle 


Michael Sikkema is interested in ecopoetry, vispo, concrete poetry, writing as nature, foraging words, and growing your own. He is the author of a handful of books with one forthcoming from Trembling Pillow Press, entitled Caw Caw Phony.
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