petro c. k.


Very stately window song 
the final note disappears like she did 

            Unseen moments of a hushed 
            meteor that was even 
more difficult to find 
Fortunately for us shadows grow back 

Years from now begin on this new ache 
Changes or changes made by the creek 
            an entirely new forecast 
                     begin anew on thistles 

Spiral Zeus

Headline unspooled and then 
the sun fell into the past forever 
summer night awaiting new 
faces with the door left open 
red skies no matter where 
she did not specify how long 
they'll sit back in time  
The mornings are usually not disturbed 
in Carpinteria

Previously Unreleased 

Cellar swamp 
mixing oil and oil 

Broken moons
written by a gardener 

I have run dry 
into the ocean 

a clearance 

the why 
of was 

was never declared 
until it was 

clearing out my birth
place to stay with a name 

last night 
birds sing and 

sing and 
be in a book

Trillium Miner

Summer has not yet 
been forgotten by yellow 
and white tiles 

heavy and warm 
as well and staying dry 
for long days of winter 

spent abroad 
winter frost every day 
a question 

from an old man 
with the most recent 

first snow storm 
in a book of snowfall 
splendid minutes slow fashion 

from the depths of the damage 
any kitchen window 
is available for rent 

Fading the Crickets

Sparkling the night
cries of a lapsed Baptist
for a new grief 

In a ghost hole 
stone angel in a calm and 
peaceful place 

            on his tombstone:
            Don't borrow trouble 

failing the number of ways 
that the delta blue
can make it still 

for just about the simple trenchant version 
of what I was 

            one man's aha 
            is another man's ope 

petro c. k. is a temporal being living in the primordial emerald landscape of the Pacific Northwest. His creative life has recently included writing, with haiku and other short-form poetry already published in over a dozen journals. Influenced by surrealism and dada techniques, the poems above have been created in part by using predictive text.
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