Steven Bruce

The Night, Full of Impossibilities 

That the cold lips of night
would emit some insight.

That the coffee could stay hot
and poems would write themselves.

That our eyes could be awake forever.

That our burdens and regrets
would be as light as our shadows.

That our days could be full
of banquets and music.

That we would not speak before thought.

That the truth could wear
whatever fashion we desired.

That the world would not go
its own stubborn way.

That our lives could be our own.

That the cavities of modern living
would not swallow us whole.

That we could travel back in time
and right a few wrongs.

That we would let old sediment rest.

That we could have parents
to cherish and support us.

That we would grow wings
and flee from our fears.

That we could smile despite it all.

That the blossoms of our relationships
would not wilt and perish.

That each of us could understand
we are worthy of companionship.

That we would not lose all we love.

That our rage and violence
would be as voiceless as the moon.

That we could learn
to live within ourselves.

That the world would not forget our names.

Steven Bruce is a poet, writer, and award-winning author. His poetry and short stories have appeared in magazines, webzines, and anthologies worldwide. In 2018, he graduated from Teesside University with a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. He is the recipient of the Indies Today Five-star Recommendation Badge. Born in the North of England, he now lives and writes full-time out of an apartment in Barcelona.
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