Alberto Vitacchio & Carla Bertola

BREACHES 2 (Cont'd)

CB - Museo Nazionale Delle Belle Arti - La Habana, 2011

AV - Via Cernaia - Torino, 2022

CB - Skaill House - Orkneys, 2015

AV - Pinacoteca Agnelli - Torino, 2021

CB - Venezia Biennale, 2019

CB, AV - Piazza San Carlo - Torino, 2022

CB, AV - Paris, 1986

CB - Pinacoteca Agnelli - Torino, 2021

CB - Via Roma - Torino, 2022

CB - Pinacoteca Agnelli - Torino, 2021

AV - Pinocoteca Agnelli - Torino, 2021

CB - Piazza Castello - Torino, 2022

CB - Valmiera - Latvia, 2006

CB, AV - facing THE ROOM - Torino, 2022

CB, AV - Photoexhibit at the GAM - Torino, 2022

CB, AV - Photoexhibit at the GAM - Torino, 2022

AV, CB - Photoexhibit at the GAM - Torino, 2022

Alberto Vitacchio was born in 1942 in Torino where he still lives. He has always written poetry and published in many magazines in Italy and abroad. During the 80’s he began working on Visual Poetry and, at the same time, started doing performances usually with Carla Bertola, working on the idea of “Stagepoetry actions”. He performed widely in Italy and different countries: France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Serbia, Brasil, Mexico, Cuba, Latvia, Canada.

During the 80’s he also started to work on Sound Poetry and Visual Poetry. He personally produces and mixes his works and has also done sound installations. In Visual Poetry he works on collages following a personal technique obtaining color from the surface of paper, a procedure he calls “pulling up”; he is now working widely on digital works . He also works on Artist’s Books. He has taken part in many exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Since 1978 he is co-editor of the International Poetry Magazine “Offerta Speciale” which is devoted to visual and research poetry.
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