Jeff Bagato

Glass Ladder

with you it’s always something
    an error finds its way
        into your heart

       There you stand giving
                   dare to say
     reprimand, no, judgment
            something like clutter on the soul
     No, I never listen

propped up downtime
         fully loaded 
      beast stable,
  glass ladder to the moon
            to the stars

not a challenge a

Game On

cheater snacks:
            antonym marsupial backwash

lax plastic nodes remind
me of a complete alternative
         to wealth
     hot yoga for mice

asking anyway
            do you think anything
         is anything?

broadminded cattle prod
     keeps up a yoyo
          like motion
 not to be or not
              to be,
                   not thither or yon,
     not space
             not time,
        but gravity capture
           just the same


What We Did

These new shoes can take holograph memories
to the bank, sharpening nerves
on a dime. Lack not.

clap  on clap off

wishing well nouveaux bricks
      and almost

like a crew cut dandelion
     after a hurricane
  needing nothing now b/c
        at least it has
            a future

toll spore knockin
campgrounds bleed
            why that’s plush
treadle. red shift fedora

    clean now
            too clean

etter scores mapes
          sting consequences
brolly hamburg scraper wise

din dings

basin of the blue death
                  dealing like this. maze
           proper maps
         charts or.          gatherings

cavern time       cave mind
        lopsided endeavor
                  shill & slop

amazing how it comes to this.

pencil licks yield lickspittle kicks
       but two sore tongues
              don’t make a right

       din digs

the standards set forth in flook

           see generally

                  baffles listed faces
    stiff stryker fraud license


those who repeat it

chalk dealers 
            & fire clod gates
      sick puppy
          sick puppy
              sick puppy
                  sick puppy
                      sick puppy

one choke and you’ll know
                it’s not an
   canal it’s a prison 

those who repeat it

gel waiting            land scare

               scale easel

   overbright pole teaser

mallet punts top shelf horn gallon

         a gone tattler
                a tattler begone

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