Nicholas Alexander Hayes

Independence of Motion
Desire Paths
Desire paths halve and halve the distance between the ember and the moth. Arcs mark the place where gravity loses grace, and orbit is achieved Theia in Gaia’s womb and a child abandoned to heaven. Fingers in the dirt while the worm sleeps in the rose. A wind from the cavern where light and shadow make the world.
[In chordate selves…]
In chordate selves strung around the central tower, 150 songs are plucked along these high-tension lines with ball peen hammers as we wait for zeppelins to blot out the sun. Helium from stars — proton rich and bloated waiting for a nick in a sheet of Corinthian leather over the Naugahyde rug.
Ripples in the Matrix
Bellicose extremity, dew dropping the long ham of errant knights. Masterless under red masks, bred into the nucleus with strong force over all. Bellicose extremity, tadpoles in a trebuchet aimed the Sea of Tranquility. Masterless under red masks, armed pilgrims feel themselves roam longing for erections of home. Twilight city in ecstasy of tumult surrounded by personae abandoned for the tunneling of white worms — pale from bellicose generations in peach stones.
Nicholas Alexander Hayes is the author of Bliss (Alien Buddha Press, 2022), Ante-Animots: Idioms and Tales (BlazeVOX, 2019) and Amorphous Organics (SurVision, 2019).
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