Piet Nieuwland

With Veronica Channel

From the moon soaked pulpy flesh of night 
all that now exists is like the surface of waters
on the scattered islands of marama
with tui song pure as water drops falling
onto the sand dunes of her hips
we embrace like branches of trees/ in fragile blossom
in tears from the blood of the earth

A dawn wind skims the river mirror
the angled prow of waka suspended on opalescence
ecotonal forest breathes out an aroma complex of night
from a hilltop room a piano with friends rides the ocean of cloud
in surging skeins it weaves / a cultural cartography 
on the flight of birds / the lament of black cockatoo and white heron
flows from the keys / from falling fingers that weep

The spiral lattice

In the role of observer in a prestigious anti-gravity landscape a waterfall coaxes the atmosphere with singing clouds, offering no escape from our collective responsibility.

In a polyphonic tussle of language amongst the characters of a narrative, the linearity of our experience is remapped.

Its multiple subjectivities created by prized specimens of scientia-feminae at the temperature of water.

In political climatology, the itineraries of perpetual motion and e-motion of fronts cross imaginary longitudes of wing beats and apertures, their instabilities at the rates of entropy.

Small squiggle-like entities are reduced to insignificance on the edgeless boundary of a vast planar territory where in the semiotics of petrified light the optics of their instincts dissolve into cinematic depths where nothing is reflected.

Piet Nieuwland lives near Whangarei, Aotearoa. His poems and flash fiction appear in print and online journals in Australia, USA, India, Aotearoa and elsewhere. His latest book As light into water was published by Cyberwit and his next, We enter the is in preparation. He edits Fast Fibres Poetry, participates in art exhibitions and live poetry performances, and once worked as a conservation strategist for Te Papa Atawhai.
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