Caleb Fenez


the child is coming
it lives in the path of time
inside the worm
which crawls through reality
and it is time
a beautiful corridor 
of green, pink, white
she guides the worm
we follow in her footfalls
we people
that are no more than dogs
to worm & child

i will live
in the den of the worm
i will be no more
than a dead man in the streets
i will steal the gold from the world
and the humming shall call
at the back of my mind

i walk in guiding time. 
i walk in guiding time. 
i am the shepherd of the world.
i am the shepherd of the worm.
the child and I


when the days are old,
and tired,
and the child shall put me in the dirt,
back along the rainbow climb,
of limb
of limb
of limb
of limb 
and mind and heart 
Nothing but the holes remain

and I will be a torso of meat
staring at time
remembering to die

Caleb Fenez is a young, aspiring poet and author originally hailing from the prairies and now residing in Montreal. He is particularly passionate about the natural world in all its iterations as well as absurdity.
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