Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett

Sheen Curette - Jim Leftwich He held forth Telegenic Visions Hurry hyacinth Hickison for a week rivers, no, rivers, help Foreboding Bi-coastal huts I'll leg hat hurrier Foaming Financial Burning Buy silver! Buy cattle! Print fiat poemmonies! ride the boat The leaking boat ride the rot The rotting hat house is a hat in the rotten rut hide your seiche in the sinking sluice He's got a sieve up his sleeve Vote on the dotted dog Sign on the singing sole bad dog brother Breathing on the Brood get your river hat revving They don't pay by the hour Dig up the eggs And dog on the dime Eggs break the bank Egg on its broken back Green eyes wild & normal Fever pitch lack Who have you been reading? Green dogs Breathing In a river of blood Wake up, Sunny We're dying to Dusk Firm as Fire Elfin Feeling Fine as a fin AdVance coyote dog finish Vibrations beneath become Regulatory Breaths in turn goblins read the Eggs Rubbing beings Nowhere housed Rheophile Yen for Nothingness yawn & yawp UtiLity buildings Unorthodox Remember seven to Cook them in A set Carrion lawn the Driftwood sun Ushering Iorn Oil ruckus Promontory prefaced irregular voids pickleweed Cave enigma-X Flaming blue Dandelions vacate VeXed Verdure carbon b-vitamins carpal violin Backwards Ventriloquism Nibbling on the Nouns None Noon Been Melee Vocal Corridors Conduit Vexations Zinc Carel Zircon vellure Cordon Verdigris Catechism Corduroy durations seeds Defeated feeds Distributed Solitudes Faster asterisks Fasten the gillyflowers Distributed failures Soul of Guarana soles of the Footloose Enallage loop keening Rorschach Rabbitbush Terra Cotta Tie your eyes to the sky Rig your sea to Gardens Horsehair travels in pairs Grab bag frilled With the plaster Hairs of Paris rootlessly en route Banshee ribcage resin on the Palomino Big ideas glow furiously Roust Teammates toggle Gaslights gobbles of Science dreamscape flowerets Guardians of Dancing fingers Goblets of fire House of rising breadcrumbs toe Read hours Toe green flour "don't work For another man" gradient dreaming river Glove box on the Verge Divided by minus one Cut & cull a great Day For Tallying Tales Fall 2022
LEG HAT LEAK BANK oy ay helld bat rot cattle offal piles on head breathes dog egg fire rotting sink , glueless slime vibrations yawnd coyote oil pre dation cultura de capitalismo ca gada - furious fringe hair""""""" SANK SPEAK CLOT BEG JMB Sunk in Jim Leftwich's "Sheen Curette"., 2022
Slipping on the glue Leg bug Bank sunk Soy hair Coughing gala Piles of capital Egg daze Fire oil Preening rations Leftwich after Bennett after Leftwich Shitting on the fuel Fed chunk Dank punk Boy glare Tossing salad Miles of chapstick Neg ate Choir boils Careening oblations Bennett after Leftwich after Bennett after Leftwich Child of Map Fed blat Chunk reen Thank boits Skunk chair Toy Nate Lare gneg Toes sing Sail lads Leftwich after Bennett etc. Lair Ahoy Fed cod Fiat wail Dank wing Bee nose Rain nude Toil snare Bankers fate Bennett after Leftwich etc.
LEG BUG EGG DAZE fed uh legg yr careening oblations smeard wit boils & map blats skunk hair in nates sing gung lo fat glue sheet pee , sticky mail dank bank fate roils sunk salad piles ATE DREGS CHUGD CAGE JMB after JL after jmb after jl after jmb after jl etc.
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Blogger bart said...

John, as always, love yr collages. Like crumpled paper wads of zeitgeist


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