Siân Vate

it isn’t a ‘problem’ it was just weird we met this kid called danny boy at the pub [‘danny’ & then ‘boy’] & sunk some rounds of pool with him & he said to us ‘why’d you call me ‘danny boy’ & he was on the coast working sanitation in the dairy industry & ten minutes or eighteen hours or however long it was later parnell asked paul to play ‘danny boy’ on the piano on ‘anatomy of a murder’ & the same thing happened earlier that day on that show ‘teen spirit’ / & that’s the nirvana reference although nirvana refs are everywhere / as in hole released one really good album & asap said ‘rihanna’s trippy like nirvana’ & we’d asap’d a heap of the highway home veering to the left of geelong / & after playing anti in full. & a night or two before that on the lappy paulie gualtieri had called a cop on the take ‘danny boy’ & ‘danny boy’ also sounds like a flavoured milk made on the west coast at a cheese factory [actually bridie had spun out about what’s in the milk & i’d said ‘it’s just cream’] [actually shannen said that kurt & courtney both had obsessions with mothers’ milk & i said they were both under-mothered unuddered / no not that last part / yuk] & do you think that courtney & meghan markle’s fathers were similar / i mean what’s the link between splitting & that kind of… narcissism from above / actually that’s what was similar with livia & janice & how come barbara was spared. & is barbara beautiful because: no storyline / & when tony says to christopher ‘you’re either in or you’re out’ in that scene ‘i’ll give you ten minutes to become loyal or to disappear forever’ is that what will said at sandringham / kidding / but is that what he would’ve liked to say / as in / the firm’s the family / family’s the stolenwealth etc & does that make william tony: no. & kate carmella: kinda [the fat blue sapphire ring] & meghan adriana: no. & harry’s no moltisanti – though with netflix deals – it was funny telling that 30 rock joke about ‘defiling’ hillary’s bronx offices & the camera panned across to the portrait of bill – oh SHIT the portrait of bill – i’m actually freaking out now – but it was weird to tell that joke & five minutes later or so on the lappy christopher makes a ‘defiler’ joke / that’s when we all freaked out. actually we already did when parnell said ‘danny boy’ on anatomy of a suicide i’m KIDDING it’s anatomy of a MURDER & do you remember the wives on the sopranos / they were talking about hillary & angie bonpensiero said she didn’t like her [nodding] but then they agree she was strong for staying – god that story is old / who cares – & later on when carmella & tony are breaking up edie falco has hillary hair / it’s like diana hair but not nice & lamer is that a reference. & edie falco’s actually in that scene in the clinton offices on 30 rock / i mean / she & alec baldwin are the defilers. so shannen & i took a photo of the same corner of the room that night & that was weird cause she doesn’t take that many / & mercedes did our tarot at the pub & gloria deals mercedes & on that corner of the beach two tides of waves crash into each other & disappear / it’s special ‘like a taco folding over’ & adam had made us tacos a few nights before that & james texted the taco emoji & anna khachiyan had insta’d the tacos / so what does a taco mean / i don’t know / but corey said he’d been playing this game ‘escape from tarkov’ & asked was that a real place in russia & i said yes / but no it’s a tarkovsky reference / kind of / like the film ‘the mirror’ that feels like a dream or ‘stalker’ obviously & that was the other thing that we flicked through on tv – ‘black mirror’ – the ep about mindreading leading to murder & also to finding the murderer out / kind of the same way that corey livestreamed our pool game on twitch / & i could see what the farmers were saying but only later when i watched it online
Siân Vate is author of the chapbooks end motion / manifest (bulky news press), and feels right (Slow Loris) from which the above poem is taken. Her work has appeared in Cordite, Otoliths, E•ratio and artiCHOKE (Berlin).
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