Clive Gresswell


Sadness at caught the strong dancer. In liberty pearls of flashing liquidity. Beyond the nepotism of clarion calls. The sewer pipe of factory success. Some at odds with dueling political affray. Sunglasses simply penetrating at wholly grained. New atmosphere entrapped this rapture of closely guarded policework. To anaesthetize clarion calls and religious dregs castigated four-fifths before the proton. Whose eager typesetting stultifies gaps of wildmeat pigeons. Unearthed beneath the headline drink this beef of Parliament majestic. Kept on the toes of tongue-roughing the chaffing of a welt. Towards dream hostages their wealth automatic in tribulation. Never convinced of any government orientated prayer-book. The jealous enactment of cold purpose. The steel and clash of energy prices robed in chains of parenthood. The guessing of this gust and gist of fortified remains. Undernourished in the babble of a politician’s mouth. His sneer centered on the wailing wind and predictable portions of virility. Combatted in the neck-time drawbridge where Big Ben. And purple praise from pundits spread their larceny notwithstanding. The robot glitch in sunshine states captioned by the fascists. Their bleeding fists in testimony lay curled before the fissure of a war. Emboldened by the climate chiefs whose bargain basement labels trash monstrous thoughts of gesture wise. Too old to crazy care such temptation as tantamount in wedding day notations to gather sonnets and shopping lists on the blister of a tongue. Encroached in bleak atmosphere to dodge the burning stars. Whose screen idols betray the hammering and rust heroin completed on the marsh. Where warbling birds denounced prodigies linked to silver-lined inheritance. Say in high wage low tax economies and shadows of a specter. Economies of scale distressed into hollow cheeks of jowl. A leveling up of banana transport delights in egging. They chant build back the necessary. As if that sort would be in beef. An intrinsic way to beautify our cities. With rural hedges of gratitude. A stiff upper lip recoils at the maps where standing is required. And liquid lips are pursed and cherished globally. In mass outtalk to points of general rotation. To sign in this task of pink skin levelling up and backtrack on diamond skills and diamond drills. The instinct for self-preservation takes over and the murmur. The up and down of zygote flesh. Worn off the hoof of cinema judgements. Filed and refiled in clouds of plenty and farmers’ wives’ heads held high. A typical phase of the moon for August. In virtual fields and monster money. Bedecked with Diana Dores haircuts. Cut adrift from tongue in mid-sentence the howl of poetry’s deep purpose. Beyond a litany of caucus as it stalls in memory and kindness. The jewels of upbeat promises. Sized by upbeat premises. Soaked in schoolboy grain gin and talk through gritted teeth again of levelling up. In the background another cake. And the pulling of teeth. Amid stars of Olympic chastity reworked by clouds of leather trope. Following up the atmosphere of guttural stars. In gently sway the artefacts of politicians. Grim days poker remonstrated with regrets. A shameful gratitude of the past in bleeding gums and enemy satchels. Winding up the burden of a glib response. The protocol in Parliament is breeched by fantastic doves. They remonstrate with philosophies of inhuman scale. Neatly folded into the back of an ambulatory ambulance and grief. Struck in the piece of flimsy. New sentences well-heeled by taxi-cab distilling. The feet of daring. The daring feet. Conglomerates congeal in history gait and golden day summers chant to putrefy. The gift of rapid dancing. Shoes tap out their ministry. The minister recites a parody of perfected posthumous. Glaring in its insipid protocol. The proteins of a new glib departure. Swimming in the azure. Creatures flinch in cartoon debauchery. Eliminating echoes of Keith Joseph in black and white photographs. His eulogy in damp quarters of hind-matter. Remembering the limbering up of destitute coal miners. Now ensconced in virtual statues of victory. Rewriting Stalin’s history. To combat Socialism with its own Capitalist teeth. The curse of Tommy Cooper launches breadwinners into impossible corners. The gentry polish daily news of their assets running into billionaire fodder. The strict circuit of Australian desperate tax bills. To fortify our tax havens enforced in iron bands of the hopelessly rich. New implements of imperialism in cartoon wads of happiness. Recharging the batteries of success. Left to rumors of source infinity. Clothed in happenstance from trilogies. The flight from order of grammar poise to framing of righteous subsidies in corner flames of monstrosity. The leather cup and intention of a fiver and a tenor reflect their packages infused with clemency attributes fascinating to the post hall and pustule development intrinsic in their quality. To qualify for incubations of social discourse. Among the ambulant destiny of this discount chalked by debutants and clinging to hopes of desire. In chilling episodes. Reflecting on the harmonies of birth. The epithet cajoled from memory banks of ripped flesh. Entwined in garbage cans and lonely wolves transpire. A blessing in this infancy of dreaded desires. Caught extra temptations flitting between marinades of purposeful attire. Sweet into the chaffing where film star glossaries entirely transpire. Newly thwarted legacies from daytime televisual quiz shows monkey and the monuments to be. Hotly pursued by artistic adventures crayoned in the vestibule and ticking of the clock so sandwiched. In-between the awkward phrases such Charlie Drake recaptured. And Benny Hill flotations crisp and chastity bleeding. Mirrors on the wall this bottom dollar crowd. Drenched in harmony those platitudes. Humming on the rusted discourse of hunger-filled unemployment lines. Rekindled by virtue of the Covid jab and thank your lucky stars you’re alive. Don’t swelter in the doorway jar but lift your voice in joy. And lead me not into temptation. And outlines of your burnished Gold fall in shadows. The sky melted in attributes of fish. They saw in climatic refuge how doleful were the misgivings. To garnish all the empathy was to his universal credit. The waged and unwaged merge into a symphony. Stinking high to the heavens of climate change and all its nuclear waste. Dribbling through the continental drifts as souls to purgatory joined the limped pools. As others importune the edicts of a nation. To popstar chortlings of reminiscent artichokes and all those harrowing. Dwindling on the NHS queues a barter for your choices. In lumps to caustic loneliness in herbs their outlandish fashion. A centimeter revises oak of mighty steel. Enveloping dangerous liaisons to work on very futures. A stock of European temptation and lines of begetting HGV drivers is stuff of legend. A quieting of Bond tasks gathers most stillness in time among the lordships. And days of actual sequence whisper gently on the wind. To gather out indigenous farming. Complete with hawking creatures on the stable. And enmity unstable remotes in landside furnishings tomorrow’s bleak fostering of numerous. Attacks are segregated in the aisles apart from supermarket rites. Affirmations from the juice of intellect squeal to offside neurons. In carpeted steps of ambivalent rosters. Cherry-picked from Amazon accounts. After many memories are lifted and silted in genuine architecture. To be observed by infamous scandals. In any trope of fascination by the blood-pump of the press. Its soldiers sequenced by alphabet relations. A fluency of regret. Reformation of these inclement energy bursts. Swirled in alabaster misery. Floated in beekeeper temptation to wander on from pharmacy. Quilts from bygone days reflect sabotage of this urbane reportage. To testify in full temerity of the bloodhounds. Not filtered by green oxygen and vain. In copious amounts of capital templates. Seized by on-call bailiffs whose remarks are strewn about versatile apostrophes glad in the room with grandma. A lesson to outlying leopards and their subsidized housing crashes. Inveterate in belting rhythms and corpuscles of such deity. An increase in bedraggled NHS surrogates. Slumped before the perfume counter of idiocy. Remote in corticosteroid templates of virginity. Leapt in cellular antipathy. A moment of remoteness. Impassioned on the tongue. It lolls from side to side no grip for any sensation. The mouth is worn by destitution. It gravel-choked and hand-braked sins throttle full tilt in operatic blood lust. Not aforementioned the taste of Insulate Britain. As they a climate. Change on the virtue of their harmony. A shape that lingers in the fall. Of platitudes this plenty. They cut you cube across this bounty. Across this Christ block of notation. This factor of fiction by fives. Invertebrate among lullabies. Intrepid in the host of treason. The bulk of listening time. And lightening on thew quayside. This amulet of rust. This cooling off period of regret. Beyond factors. Beyond factory of fires. The gist of an Armory. A pope’s resounding mouth. As if a monument to. This incredible fertility dust. As the shadow of its brother rigidity. In the palm again of his master’s voice. Stray and in the intrepid. Day of moonstruck monotone. The wolves of red-ink blood resign. Rehoofing blood of product bays. Noted in the fading homes. The histories of martyrdom. Unflinching in the ire of infinity. Its irony intrepid at your throat. As if the coal workings of your blue-ink sister. Thew beholden stars that twinkle. Played out and chortle comfortable. Farewell unto the night sky. Fallen and dark over in its intrepid honesty. Its flames recalling monuments from grey earthling trapeze and over.

New horizons splinter chalk. In elephants’ excitations endeavoring. Small portions wrapped in nursery murder. Quiet buzzards thump nostalgia. Thirsting for the treat of blood. The note of innocence furled into quotations. Gems of science walking gates of memory. How rising tides of genuine plentitude rasp. Behind net curtains and distilled ink. Bathed in walrus sunshine in retribution. Amid tongues of far-right acid. Acerbic restitution embroiled in the pattern. This small slippage of state. A mineral creeps in destiny night. Patrolled by partners and people parsnips. Into the hilt of the hinterland. The motherland husk of riot children. Soaked by raisons partial to swimming altitudes. A new horizon flickers. It salvages long reworkings. Don’t be shy in colitis dread. Not worth the plastering of body flows. They tremble through the forest of virtue. Significant in the government’s deal. No part here declares the seawolf. Was told it did not suffer. Had prisoned with the blood seal of the fate. The crush would be all but forth meanwhile. The colicky centre of justified revenge. Its dead centre coursed through with algebra. Invented by my rattle of a cousin. And even baby snakes are careful with their jaws.

Inclement in the whirlpool of nature. Dancing on the ice of algebra. Reworked resonance in riptide. The congealed leprosy leaps octagonal ruptures. Laced with turning epistle degradation studies. Puzzled in the aftermath. Regulations floored by plastic machinery. In a grasping ritual at smooth ports. Denied entry at these points. To travel onwards in dingy hope and joy. Bursting at the seams this prodigy. Uncles cast the least blue fish of empress ridicule. Positively flattered refueling jet streams and medical exemptions. Fast homing in of talent. Sprawled across this human etiquette of tequila sunrise jewelry. Sage and articulate romancers quibble notices of fortune elements. Brazen in fisticuffs of rottweiler determinism. Seen to bless all on the farm with character of inversions. A quibble of a lump to the throat. With some incendiary torture relevant to stardom. Calculating decadent daydreams in the oily fire of debauchery. Handled with care the musical blue notes and Chinese dysrhythmia. Spanning out in residue whatever hovel entitles. Into emblematic virtue. Clipped in the doorway of a neuron. Spectacular freeways of crumbling indiscretion. Newly contributed functions of alabaster privilege. Sectors braised in kettle harmony. The ligature of ants crushed in hopeless ecstasy. Departures of a jealous lover. Leaving salt to tears to face. A wooden cross. Repeats itself. Torn tongues dramatically inflect nuisances of this dysrhythmic yelp. Like captains lashed to rocks. The journey sped by trawlermen. Whose intrinsic value was never noted at school. Amid the debris of this hillside. Albeit an ancient and bedraggled tale. Cured of any deep regret. Cured of any boutique range. Whispering among the reeds of discontent. We discontinue his account. Allergic as we are to any exaggeration. Lips tightly pressed against a firm cloud. New horizons gently nudged into infinity. Crowds of angels cheering and clapping uproariously. To settle in sentimental sediment this argument of ages. Time docked from coals to Newcastle. As privilege enhances boy scout codes to nubile dancers. Their virtue rubbed out to salty seas. The digression as fast as any succession on wheels of furtive fire. The pendulum swings steak-bloodied in a ribcage. Clean air filters the Clean Air Act. A jewel of human precision. Weak-kneed jelly fish sloth of paternity. Arranges forces beyond borders in infinity. Dramatic new plays on Radio Four. Tragedy caught in the limelight. A snort of derision from semi-burnt cheerleaders. Most with no home to exploit. Anymore than the mayhem modules of Covid graphs picked up and injected by the gutter press. A population totally depressed. New big cheese suddenness incision. Craters in bottleneck refresh virgin rhetoric. Askance verbs dilute drenchwater escapade. Such modesty invokes past mirth angels. In Latin American pools of litany. Basked forever in glory of gold. As destitute handmaidens lurch beyond prejudice. New ways of forming the vowels. Clutched in antipathy the crawling of ancient. Intrepid forbearers whistle a tune. Along dark alleys of incensed outrage. Settled in motion on rapid victories. A penny for them. Circled in every debenture whatever height. The splendid transubstantiation. Seen base colours turmeric. All hallowed in the haunch venison. Relapsed in cherry-picking order of debate. Order. Order. Order. A puce miracle demands seizure. Through hoops of doubtful fire. Through hopes of end desire. Caught by the tail in frenzied frosting. Beguiled in treasure ropes of sand dune walks. Mirth at the peninsula. Waking garments to the highest bidder. A journey to the centre. In cahoots with flames of gingerbread. A rap for future being. Pierced nightly in the crown jewels. A simple matter of procrastination. Frankly, my dear I don’t give a damn. Code red. The splendid red signal bow of Fleet Street. All hammering in their vestibule ways. A politician’s smirk. Blends into the stratosphere and coughs. The bending of the rules is sequenced into triviality. No burden of proof on any man. The judges break the splendid dawn and facsimile of burbletruth. Cuthanded in the livery. An unconscionable misdemeanor of Barbary Coast. This negligence of firm base hurdles. Cast again as falling apples. Sectioned in the brass instruments curtailing a commotion of curmudgeonly class bureaucrats. Seasoned with salt to taste. An oblige of their squeezing wrath. To set upon those strange rapports. In castle lands before the hill. And a settlement of their shadows.

Clive Gresswell is a 64-year-old innovative writer and poet from Luton, Beds, UK.
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