Issue sixty-nine Date of Publication May 1, 2023.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2023 by their respective creators.

Editor: Mark Young

This issue is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Michael Rothenberg whose all-encompassing ezine Big Bridge was a major influence in shaping Otoliths & who was instrumental in bringing to this journal a number of writers I never dreamt I would ever be lucky enough to include in these pages

& to the memory of Carla Bertola whose work always brought joy to my heart each time she appeared here, not just because I loved her work but also the knowledge that once again I was privileged to be able to display her wonderful work to the world, & that is one of the special treats of being an editor.

Nearly all of the images in Otoliths can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Pat Nolan
Seven Poems

Tim Wright

John M. Bennett

Judith Skillman
Three Paintings

Jen Schneider
Four Poems

Sanjeev Sethi
Four Poems

Andrew Stys
Expressionismus Forschung

Jerome Berglund
Three Sequences

Mehreen Ahmed
Dappled Lights

harry k stammer
Three Poems

John M. Bennett & Texas Fontanella
Twelve Pieces of Vispo

Strider Marcus Jones
Three Poems

Demosthenes Agrafiotis
The Cathars, the Surrealists, and a village “in the sky”
dada-scapes, Hilton

Nigel Ford
Three Short Fiction Pieces

Glen Armstrong
Three Poems

Anne-Marie Jeanjean

Jim Leftwich
Six Poems
Eternal Crayons of the Inner Onion

Bill Wolak
Eight Collages

Jack Galmitz
Three Poems

Tom Beckett
Twenty Short Poems

Grzegorz Wróblewski
EARTH RESEARCH, Plates 17 to 23

Bruce Morton
Three Poems

Alan Catlin
from Memories 8

John M. Bennett
Five Pieces of Vispo

Fin Sorrel
Èleanӫr’s Ghost / The Liver

Karl Kempton
portraiture: oceano dunes to tide line
part six: etched by the waves

Dean Kelly
Two Poems

Pete Spence
Four Poems

Mario José Cervantes

Eric Hoffman
A Translation of Sumitaku Kenshin's After That Draft Book
A Translation of Sumitaku Kenshin's After That Draft Book Cont'd

Howie Good
Five Collages, Two Poems

John Martone
from miniaturist

Les Wicks
Three Poems

Louise Landes Levi
Jack Kerouac at 100; A Talk given at Ruigoord, Amsterdam, NL.

Nathan Anderson
Five Poems

Mary Cresswell
Three Poems

Michael J. Leach
Two Poems

Elaine Woo
It Feels Like The Sky is Cracking

Harvey Huddleston
Tanya and The Son of Sam

petro c.k.
Five Poems

Paul Perilli
His Name Is The Same

Carol Stetser
Mail Art Collages, 2023

Adam Fieled

dan raphael
Four Poems

CL Bledsoe
Three Poems

Clive Gresswell

David A. Bishop
Three Fragments

Vernon Frazer
Five Poems

Robert Fleming
Four Visuals

John McCluskey
An extract from Ogden's Proverb

M.J. Iuppa
Two Drabbles

Jennifer Weigel
Five Photographs

Dave Read
Ten Asemic Pieces

Serse Luigetti
Nine Visuals

Mark Cunningham
Five Poems

Texas Fontanella
Three Erasure Tiles & A Standalone Visual

Ian Willey
Five Prose Poems

Joshua Martin
Seven Poems

Juan Pablo Mobili
Five Poems

David Greenslade & David Rees Davies
pages from Perfectly Frank Opens The Door

Kenneth Rexroth
Six Columns from the San Francisco Magazine
Six More Columns from the San Francisco Magazine

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Adriána Kóbor
from Cléverre

Daniel de Culla
Two Photographs

John Tustin
Three Poems

Joseph Salvatore Aversano

Yejun Chun
American Zoo

Olchar E. Lindsann
Six Poems & A Translation

Stephen Nelson
Six Pieces of Concrete Poetry & a Few Other Things

Bing Cherches
Selected Stories

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal
Three Poems & A Drawing

Eddie Heaton
Three Poems

N. H. Van Der Haar
Study of Bot-Generated Art No.2

Barbara Anna Gaiardoni & Andrea Vanacore
A Shahai

Henry Hughes
Four Poems

Carla Bertola
Collaging Space in January
Plates 1 to 16
Plates 17 to 32
The Dedications

Alberto Vitacchio
from The Quest
for Carla Bertola: diving into her works
Plates 1 to 15
Plates 16 to 30
Plates 31 to 47

Javant Biarujia
from Plateaux of Sentience

Phil Montenegro
Three Poems after Goya

Xe M. Sánchez
Three Poems

Hrishikesh Srinivas
Three Prose Poems

bart plantenga
A Dozen Or So Facts About Amsterdam That Are Known . . .

Andrew Taylor
Six Poems

K. S. Ernst & Sheila E. Murphy
Three Poems

Richard Magahiz
Seven Poems

Sydnie Stern
Night Out

David Wolf

Blossom Hibbert
Seven Poems & Three Photographs
six coffees with a madman

Hua Ai
The Body of One’s Day and Night

Paul J. Enea
Three Poems

Paul Dickey
Awaiting Trial for Petty Larceny

Bob Lucky
Eight Poems

Mars Brocke
I Am Not a Logical Positivist

John Kucera
Two Poems

John Levy
Four Photographs
Three Poems

Damon Hubbs
Three Poems

Patrick Sweeney
Some Short Form Poems

Antonio Devicienti
Two Visual Pieces

Massimo Fantuzzi
Three Poems

Réka Nyitrai
Four Prose Poems

Flamur Vehapi
But Is it Ecopoetry? David Jalajel’s Snapshots from the Ark

David Jalajel
Final Snapshots from the Ark

Harrison Fisher
Four Poems

Jeff Bagato
Five Poems
Hieroglyphic Avalanche

Volodymyr Bilyk

Keith Nunes
Unidentified Flying Objets d'Art

Goro Takano

Joanne Bechtel
Two Photographs & a Short Prose Piece

Sheila E. Murphy
Four Haibun

Nathan Whiting
Four Poems

Marilyn Stablein
Let's Play Dolls

Tony Beyer
Four Poems

Gavin Lucky
Poems Written on the Back of a Napkin at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Jürgen O. Olbrich
1/5 der Welt fehlt! | 1/5 of the world is missing!

Ken Bolton
Two Poems

A. W. Kindness
Four Poems

Nam Hoang Tran
Two Visual Pieces

Eileen R. Tabios
Four Poems

Diana Magallón
Four Tessellations

Penelope Weiss
Three Poems & A Visual Piece

Tazeen Fatma
Three Haibun

Glenn Bach
Five Poems from Atlas

Rick Henry
Two Pieces of Visual Poetry

Eileen R. Tabios & harry k stammer
Planet M

Keith Higginbotham
Five Poems

Kit Kennedy
Seven Poems

Darrell Petska
Three Visual Pieces

Edward Kulemin

Michael Helsem

Shloka Shankar
From Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House: Two Erasures & Two Remixed Poems

Shloka Shankar & Deepa Patil
Seven Visual Poems

Dhaatri Vengunad
One Poem, One Triptych (with Deepa Patil), & Two Pieces of Vispo

Ganesh R.
Five Blackout Poems from Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House

Mark Danowsky
Five Ekphrastic Poems

Bob Heman
INFORMATION + The Last Way Station

Linda M. Walker
Five Poems

Vidhi Ashar
Five Haiga

Sam Langer
in the same space

Angelo 'NGE' Colella
Asemic Portraits

Jill Jones
Five Poems

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
Three Poems

J. D. Nelson
Three Poems

Peter Yovu
Five Poems

Marcia Arrieta
Five Poems, Five Collages


Otoliths would like to acknowledge the Juru People who are the traditional custodians of the land where this journal is prepared.