Jack Galmitz

Supporting Cast

When the leading lady is making up her mind
About things that will affect us,
The maid dusting books in the study
Receives an emergency call no one
Should have to cope with. It’s about her son.
He’s missing. And she panics as anyone would,
Since she dropped him off at school. Foul play is not suspected.
But who knows. Should the lady accept the suitor’s
Proposal? That’s what we want to know. He’s older,
A man of sophistication. And the maid faints in the parlor
Bringing the missus her coffee. It’s to be expected. The pressure.
Then she decided she didn’t want him at all.
She flushed, but didn’t. It was hard being a woman.
And we wrung our hands. Would we see him ever? 


You’ve got a new hat
& a mental illness.

You wear the new hat
and your illness. Well

you wear a new hat
with shoes to match.

Pan right 
& it’s a mud path.

The rain
patters green surfaces Again

& if you yell into a tunnel
your scream promptly answers back.

From Those Who Sang

Looking at the dog being walked, I asked my
self what would it be like being in that body.
Smell would be strong and discovery would be
around every corner. I would know death
as intimately as I knew every dog
that had passed this way before I had.
When you know you're going to die,
you lose all patience with the word of mouth
business that is conducted on the streets.
If you’re going to be under the earth, why care
that the neighbor across the way has been
in prison for attempted murder. God Bless
him and his children. Think of the essays
they'll write on the subject of My Summer Vacation.

Jack Galmitz has been writing most of his life. For the past decade, he has had much of his work published in Otoliths. It has been his honor. He has gotten to know the work of many of the regular contributors and this has been educational and pleasurable.
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Blogger John said...

All three are marvelous!

John Levy

10:48 AM  
Blogger Bob Lucky said...

Love these, Jack.

6:49 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Galmitz san,

Wonderful work. Wildly interesting.


6:49 AM  

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