Stephen Nelson

For JD 1. A moustache machine on the beach for inchoate chatterboxes, estimates antiquity, vanishing between the cliffs, a chalk dust borealis, in mega flow till Monday. 2. Bears fish rivers without within the brain of the forestry commision's limestone amoeba. Regurgitate pythons at egg filled intervals, dividing our time between eels.
11 One Word Poems Inspired by Chinese Hermits stonemonk'shutruby mountainlorepoem hermithistoryloving taotoyoutopaltopaz windtreeinnerchannel cavewarmriver'scider ombreathqigonggranite slowrobemorningrosetea raincutrockcurtrue pineconecloud bambooboomboomheart
Stephen Nelson's latest book of visual poetry is called Toys for Telepaths (Redfox Press). He has exhibited visual poetry and published prose and poetry internationally for a number of years. He lives by a burn in Central Scotland, drinks Brazilian coffee and listens to the deep, resonant tones of the rudra veena. See his asemic writing on Instagram @afterlights70.
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