Dhaatri Vengunad

earth hour

circadian rhythm


Sometimes, listening to old family tales is like watching a movie for the second time knowing who's going to die, when and how. You have sympathy for the characters but they don't know what's happening, the things they are going to say, or how it all connects. Sometimes the dots don't connect. They have an answer at the bottom of the page, written upside down, that we can't find. In the end, we become those tales.

the sinking sun silence of a cawless crow

world left behind
(with Deepa Patil)

Dhaatri Vengunad is an artist, book illustrator and visual communicator who loves cats, colours, words, tea and is an average dreamer in this world. Her poems can be found in NationalPoetryMonth.ca, Cafe Haiku, Sonic Boom, whiptail: journal of the single-line poem, and FreshOut, among others.
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