Gavin Lucky

Poems Written on the Back of a Napkin at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport
It All Goes On Your Permanent Record The easiest way to talk about nothing beckett says is to pretend that it is something and the easiest way to talk about people is to talk about them like they were termites just skittering around the easiest way to talk about things that happened is to talk about them but pretend they happened to someone else a friend of mine’s cousin met a guy in a bar who said a nun told him about this thing that happened to her uncle I don’t know how else to convey that this is temporary that I’m trying to enjoy myself. Executive Functioning The romans would put up tigers it is said at the crossroads crucified as a warning to other wayward tigers on the same principle today some string up rabbits or leave dead insects where they fall in a small village north of manila around the vernal equinox men are nailed of their own volition to pieces of wood and then some hours later the crosses are lowered the nails are removed first aid is administered what message does that send to the animals? what do the pigeons think? Breathe In, Breathe Out, Hold Your Breath. you can hear it late at night when you lie on your left side which side did they find Auden lying on when he died when his heart finally went in the 70s he wasn’t that old really but all those years of seeming to be some sort of ancien objet had gotten to him that and the smoking and the drinking and such a lot of things flew away in the 70s what a stupid thing to say but I’d rather say it than listen to my heart that imperfect engine. Limited by the Parameters of the Self Tempted to get one more tea to pass the time someone somewhere is being wined and dined I don’t know why I should be thinking of this and not that the ocean in the distance- a palm tree mirage I’ve been coming to this airport for decades now the years piling up lost luggage.
Gavin Lucky is a peripatetic teacher. Previous work of his has appeared in Otoliths, Shot Glass Journal, Riverbed Review, and MacQueen’s Quinterly.
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