Mars Brocke

I Am Not a Logical Positivist

We Are a Conjunction

City of Disjunctives

The Paradox of Carnip's Mystical Lover

Wittgenstein's Id

I Used to Be a Sexy Truth Value But Now I'm Just a Root Vegetable

Atomic Statements Also Have Wings

Objective Statements Hide Thought-Snakes

Concluding Notes
Logical Positivism failed as a philosophical school of thought in part due to the widespread use among its members of ecologically unsound underarm deodorants. A second group of more environmentally aware Positivists used only foot powder and denied the existence of their underarms. But many either became sick or complained of feeling "alienated" from their feet. This is why many of this second wave were only photographed from the waist up. There is no real "objective" evidence to substantiate this. Many ex-members have committed themselves to a code of silence. Many have denied their past mistakes. But if you want I can give you another "untruth." And you can deny as much of the world to fit your narratives.

Mars Brocke has been published elsewhere. He loves abstract paintings, cartoons, and collecting William Shatner spoken word albums.
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