Issue sixteen Date of Publication 1 February, 2010.

Individual pieces Copyright © 2010 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Thomas Fink

Satu Kaikkonen
Six Visual Poems
Six More Visual Poems

Nate Pritts
Three Poems

Jane A. Lewty
from Field Manual

Craig Foltz
Two Poems

Michael Basinski
Two Visual Poems

Stephen C. Middleton

Márton Koppány
Four Studies

Arpine Konyalian Grenier
Heritage Like Money Then: Exaptation at the Margins,
Risk to Reward Where the Word Meets Itself

Raymond Farr
Three Poems

Jeff Crouch & Sheila E. Murphy
Seven Visual Poems

Joel Chace

Caleb Puckett
Three Prose Pieces

Philip Byron Oakes
Three Poems

Ed Baker
Six Visual Poems

Tom Beckett
An interview with William Allegrezza

William Allegrezza
Three Poems

dan raphael
Two Poems

Alyson Torns
Five Paintings

Jeff Harrison
Four Poems

Grzegorz Wróblewski
Four Poems & A Painting

Michele Leggott
Three Poems

PD Mallamo
Two Poems

Ray Craig
The Practice of

Mark Cunningham

Cecelia Chapman

David-Baptiste Chirot
A Cinematic Asemic
Not reality. Actuality.

Vernon Frazer
Transfiguration on Black Ice

Helen White & Jeff Crouch
Four Visual Poems

James Yeary
repetition as failure

Robert Lee Brewer
Four Poems

Michael Brandonisio
A photograph, a visual poem, & a collage

J. D. Nelson
Eight Poems

Scott Metz
Some Haiku

Geof Huth
wavelight, than which
wavelight, than which (cont'd)
wavelight, than which (cont'd)
Six postcards from wavelight, than which

Corey Wakeling

John M. Bennett & Thomas M. Cassidy
Three Visual Poems

Sheila E. Murphy & John M. Bennett
Three Visual Poems

John M. Bennett
Text Poems
Maya Heads

Rebecca Mertz
Selections from The Excavation of Light at the Wedding

Felino Soriano
Two Poems

Cath Vidler
these roses have intricate limits

David Wolach
Excerpt of Of Some Velocity
Four More Poems

Carlyle Baker
Two Visual Poems

Stu Hatton
Four Sevens

Jenny Enochsson
Three Poems

Robert Gauldie
Poems for St. Thomas Aquinas

Rebecca Eddy
Four Visual Poems

Joe Balaz
Two Poems

Bobbi Lurie
behind the dark i see a woman with just a head

Andrew Topel & Márton Koppány
very short story 1
very short story 2
very short story 3
very short story 4

Hugh Tribbey
Two Poems

John Martone
Six gift boxes

J. Gordon Faylor
from GPC

Evan Harrison
Two Poems

A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz
Six Visual Poems

Bob Heman
Four Collages

Guillermo Castro
Two Poems

Sean Burn
Another 6 from Svobodin

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