Issue seventeen Date of Publication 1 May, 2010.

Individual pieces Copyright © 2010 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Michael Farrell
Three Poems

Marilyn R. Rosenberg

Eric Arnold
Two Sermons

Jim McCrary
Trip In, Trip Out

Reed Altemus
Three Visual Poems

Adam Fieled
from Apparition Poems

Bob Heman
Twelve Poems

Tim Wright
100 breaths
200 breaths
300 breaths
400 breaths
500 breaths

Samit Roy

Caleb Puckett
Two Prose Pieces

Charles Freeland
Five Poems

gustave morin
Seven Visual Poems
Six More Visual Poems
Six More Visual Poems

dan raphael
Two Poems

Philip Byron Oakes
Four Poems

Dorothee Lang & Karyn Eisler & Susan Gibb
Two Visual Poems

Sam Langer
Eight Poems

Geof Huth
from [Bracket Title]

Esa Mäkijärvi
Two Poems

Scott Metz
some haiku

Andrew McEwan
from repeater

Special Feature #1

ROCKPILE on the road

Poems by Michael Rothenberg & David Meltzer
photos by Terri Carrión
& an introduction by Larry Sawyer

Felino Soriano
Six Approbations

Travis Macdonald
4 excerpts from Hoop Cores

Paul Siegell
some hot pepper people

Alan Davies
nothing is as worthless
Today As A Way Of Esclape

Kirsten Kaschock
mikku: tinman

Raymond Farr
Smear Jam Campaign (Odds Are)
Lucky Imaginary Animal Poem Becomes a Wrong Situation

John M. Bennett
Eight Poems
Nine More Poems

John M. Bennett & Sheila E. Murphy
Four Visual Poems

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Letitia Trent
Three Poems

Michelle Cahill
A Crystal Exegesis

Valery Oisteanu
Two Poems

Irving Weiss
Three Visual Poems

Martin Edmond
from : Hypnogeography : A Journal

Carlos Soto Román
Eight Visuals

Jim Meirose

SJ Fowler
Two Poems

Felipe Cussen

Grzegorz Wróblewski
Three Poems & Two Paintings

James Mc Laughlin
untitled poem

Michael Steven
from The Hatchet Blade

Arkava Das
Strip Tools

Michael Caylo-Baradi
Saturations in Spring

J. D. Nelson
Four Poems

Jal Nicholl
Two Poems

Jenny Enochsson
Three Poems

Special Feature #2

What is (or has been) your favorite editing project and why?

Curated by Eileen R. Tabios

An introduction from Eileen R. Tabios
three essays from Burt Kimmelman
& responses from 42 more poet-editors to the above question
plus samples of their work

Joe Balaz
Three Concrete Poems
Three More Concrete Poems
Two Hawaiian Islands Pidgin Poems

Glenn R. Frantz
Three Poems

Michael Brandonisio
Two poems, Three Photographs

Jon Curley & Grey Space
how u haiku

sean burn

Bobbi Lurie
Two Poems

Jeff Klooger
Three Poems

Richard Kostelanetz
some OPENINGS, realized by Eun-Ha Paek

Silvio De Gracia
Four Visual Pieces

David-Baptiste Chirot
Ghost Writing
El colonel sits in a field where butterflies drift among flowers

Alexander Jorgensen

Anne Gorrick
Three Poems

John Moore Williams
Six Visual Poems & a Video

Marcia Arrieta
Seven Poems

Mara Patricia Hernandez
Six Visual Poems

Bill Drennan

nick-e melville
Seven Visual Poems

Corey Wakeling
Defenestration, A Tetraptych

John Martone
forebears [found stones]

Jessie Janeshek
Two Poems

Thomas Fink
A Review of David Lehman's Yeshiva Boys

Emma Smith
Five Paintings
Five More Paintings

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