Issue twenty Date of Publication 1 February, 2011.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2011 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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nick-e melville
Anion to Hydsum
Jism to Rrs
Session to Zeddez

Jim Meirose
Mary and Kenneth

Satu Kaikkonen
Seven Visual Poems

dan raphael
Two Poems

Philip Byron Oakes
Three Poems

Barrie Darke
Hard Times Open Your Eyes

Dorothee Lang & Karyn Eisler
Four Visual Poems

James Davis
Three Poems

Morgan Harlow
Two Poems

Tyson Bley
Two Poems

John M. Bennett
Four Visual Poems
Sixteen Text Poems

Raymond Farr
Look Out Toboggan Here Comes Persephone In Her Boxing Gear
Three More Poems

Matthew Johnstone
Selections from I'm sorry, about Baseball

Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán

Jeff Crouch & Satu Kaikkonen
Three Visual Poems

Theodore Worozbyt
Three Poems

Howie Good
Arrival and Departure

Michael Farrell
Three Visual Poems

Stephen Emmerson

B. T. Abrams
Two Poems

Jeff Harrison
Four Poems
Andy Frazee
A Room

Mariah Hamang
Three Poems

Reed Altemus
Altered Texts from Otto Rank's Art & Artist

Andrew K. Peterson
from "31 branches"
two scenes from Mist Connex

Felino Soriano

Carlos Rowles
Excerpt from The History Vol 2

Robert Gauldie
Four Poems

Tom Beckett
An Interview with Joel Chace

Joel Chace
Periods, 16-21

SJ Fowler
Three Prose Poems

De Villo Sloan
Six Visual Pieces

Eric Hoffman
The Vast Practical Engine

Cecelia Chapman
Eight "Covers"

Wayne Mason
A Garden Of Flesh

Jill Chan
What Is This Waiting

Anatol Knotek & Márton Koppány
Hurry Up
Series A & B
Series C & D

Paul Siegell
Six Poems

Peter LaBerge
Three Photographs

George McKim
Four Visual Pieces

Carlyle Baker
Five Visual Poems

sean burn
six visual poems

Chris Moran
Two Poems

Stephen Nelson
Fire War Rapture Sacrifice

Alexander Batkin
Four Poems

Keith Higginbotham
Three Poems
Two Collages

J. Crouse
The Authority of Suggestion

Orchid Tierney
Five Visual Pieces

Rachel J. Fenton

Ana Viviane Minorelli
The Docs

Russell Jaffe
An Untitled Poem

Vernon Frazer
Parchment Grudge

Samit Roy
A Temporal Autobiography

Sam Langer
Two Poems

Michael Jacobson
from Mynd Eraser
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

Heller Levinson
Two Poems

Mark Cunningham

Marco Giovenale
Three Visual Poems

Charles Freeland
from Eucalyptus

Clark Lunberry
Floating Form Less

J. D. Nelson
Six Poems

Susan Gangel & Terry Turrentine
Deep Sea & Downtown

Bobbi Lurie
Two Poems

Tim Wright
Two Poems

Bob Heman

Thomas Fink
A Review of Arlene Ang's Seeing Birds in Church is a Kind of Adieu

Spencer Selby
Six Visual Poems
Bresson Bevel

Richard Kostelanetz
Ent Sword