Gareth Morgan

song for the first stuckist in australia

They are an aberrant version of conceptualism by default, using the same devices 
to promote something that's very conservative. (J Enberg)

he's so fucking normal it's ridiculous

who do you think you are
barging in on me and my guitar?

    you better get me to school on time

kick over a garbage can and it’s
punk no it’s    trendy
   “It’s Dada”

… human excrement, fastidiously canned and packaged. Would you call this art?

it's not punk it's just shit
trite cleverness for commercial exploitation
some ppl just froth money

 i used to look at sunsets

 […] […] kiss me in fact in a cul de sac of idiocy! this
is not a confessional poem , this : is a cool poem! kiss me,  tracey ulman i mean emin!

your boyfriend looks like mac demarco, hmmmm, paints pictures 
 because painting pictures is what matters

are you leaving home?         she's leaving home.     byeeeee !

shredasaurus rex,   ?

   it's not fucking rock n roll, he's just into bullshit

 do you think you are   leaving
me alone with my guitar

 this is actually cutting edge 
  this is a movement of the future
   and like all movements of the future
    it’s misunderstood

snap back says: the good vibes only

rock and rolls just rock and roll

that nihilistic-meets-naughty boy punk-rock-industrial boy as an artform trope

thinking about camp cope on my bike

‘raving about the 80s’

lena dunham in new nu metal band

crying to camp cope on my bike

james franco as block parmesan cheese

spotify search for 'justin timberland'


jack black in my living room (poster)

oversized devil horn iPhone 5 case

minesweeper art made by nostalgic teenagers

tao lin going to the shops for a few things

dream about four loko, viva yoko ono

‘punk-rock-romantic […] kitchen floor’

Gareth Morgan is a poet and a postal worker from Melbourne, Australia. He has been published in such places as Cordite Poetry Review, Marrickville Pause and Australian Poetry Journal.
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