Gavin Yates

My formerly woods

close about the stitches of hysterics, without cucumber; [he] porcupine

more at Google. Rivals blackberries:
co-authored. Before grossing to relaxants
white Ford powders the nature strip,
improves quarters of romance the mushrooms populous,
so are the best of us.
Spoken, like nothing could suggest otherwise
I trace the swamp four hours ‘flowering [tea]tree’
searching tendons for a smoking gun.

Houses Overlooking the Sea

Slumberous bluish-grey of gunpowder leaves: a spotless movie.

More of a hunch, only dialogue
can engineer. Time-travel to Vienna’s snowfield
again, the medicine dries.
Gauze-like light
from across the slope
of peppermint gums, sheoak,
colonial pine.

Lichen hides large provinces of skin, as would a wedding suit.

Amnesia Strings

Subside in a pool over decades, like eels but with girls and a fiddle.

From skin steaming seventh dream
I grow more limbs like a great oak.

Where tragedy unfolds, there’s an audience laughing from the tightest seam;
driving from rainstorms, unsophisticated in translation.

Deep blue silhouettes of 8:08pm
like the smudged pen of an automatic writing exercise

I’d remember, whole peninsulas,
as if yesterday was a random night.

We’d take the middle seats. Know when intermission.

Gavin Yates is a researcher and writer from Melbourne; his research interests include Surrealism and Australian poetry. He occasionally tweets: @isgavinyates
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