Miro Sandev

Musik by Rilke, the remix

fuss peels duke nab eh? do irk the garden kings
fee feeler shredder, flews tender be fella
fuss peels duke nab eh? see yeah diner sealer
verve ink Zeehan dense stair bin the sea rinks

vas locks do see? dare clung is fee iron cur cur
da rinse see sick for soy mooned sick for saint
shot ark is dine lair bin, dog dine lead is shtick cur
an diner sane sooked she looks end ungallant

ghee beer iron shoe fie again, dusty sealer lies sir
hi I’m carrying dust flu tend errand vealer
da rinse sea leapt air, fuck’s end, fight and vizor
a doozy swung in dyna-Tsar ten spiel err

physician mat emit then flu gain she legged
so veers do, trauma hearing fluke forgotten
the seer swinger, from guessing’s air sect
see nicked mare Uber miner Mao urn trekked
Venn easy roof inverter zoo then Freud den

Miro Sandev is a poet working on stolen Gadigal-Wangal land in so-called Sydney. His poems have appeared in several journals including Meanjin, Cordite, Rabbit, Otoliths, Westerly and others. He is a member of socialist group Solidarity.
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