Sanjeev Sethi


Conduit is commuting at breakneck pace:
I’m amazed at its capacity. Poem by poem:
I’m surrendering to words. Sans a cage I
was confined to a curve, power of skin
and its control on channels. I handed
over much to sport. This speaks of body
and its obsecration. Hawkshaw within
may offer clarity.

Knuckle Sandwich

Guesstimates steer our advance and
sometimes it spreads into a whipsaw.
Does the cosmos release its signature
to every union? In which language?
How does one locate it? Is that why
many of us miss the spree? Let us
hear the hymn between us asking
to be born in the clucky affectation
of our confinement. An impresario
of stillborn liveliness isn’t a fender


You have entered our consciousness as a member
of the rogues' gallery collective. Bookworm from
my all-male college is branded as the plunderbund’s
scuzzy senior. Media wrangles are half-done with-
out you as exemplar. Your fingers which otherwise
key elegant prose insert fissures, proscribing you
from dominion of the decorous.


While insteps were turning away inscape
was speeding towards you. Vocabulary
hands us toolkit to tinker with mind or
machine. It is an escalator to experience
and its enunciation. It helps ride hilly ter-
rain. Next time I wrap my thigh around
you I will dispense with the dinkus.

Sanjeev Sethi is the author of three books of poetry. He has been published in more than 25 countries. Recent credits: Litbreak, Vox Poetica, Miller’s Pond, The Drabble, Outlaw Poetry, Blognostics, Ink Pantry, Urtica Lit Blog, Nthanda Review, and otherwhere. He lives in Mumbai, India.
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