Steve Potter

Five Twenties

Polyamorous Pearl-Handled Olfactory Dog

Gaping gorge Oregon sandpiper sneeze
dwarf symphony wheelhouse roundkick
shuffle feint parlor distraction district
clockwork organism schism detection

Polyamorous snowflake paramedic
antihistamine duffel bag hat trick
bong carburetor mechanic oil can
squirrel nut zipper tertiary pump

Dog hair festival sneeze acrobat
clown president cartwheel carnival
candied apple apostrophe currant
chromium beef tinsel manufacturer

Olfactory worker assembling ols
ancient pump Dionysian elf king
time-travelling bird orchestration
Gulf of Tonkin    restaurant of despair

Pearl-handled spandex-removal gadget
purple-sequinned construction overalls
Captain Timothy's tremendous ant farm
the ancient epic of Gilda's mess

Athletic Howard: Greased Married Gnostic

Greased palm-reading entitlement clause
jump and wave western yodel technique
sonnet tunnel appreciation sofa
satellite fur space vest accelerator

Howard pulse teardrop giggle storm television
chromium burn ban bumper pile raft
tough snout arachnid cheater desk alert
nuclear proliferation deterrent hose

Athletic determination biscuit
survival manual feather duster section
illuminati bargain bin decoder ring
barstool prophet last call philosophy

Gnostic bubble bath    hip now woke
saxophone melodrama    bass 'n' drums
sonic ecological balance
quip parry sidestep    shuffle grapple flip

Married to the mobius    karmic loop
asleep on bus    got off where got on
tried again    slept again    got off guess where
deja vu    it could happen to you if

Orange Henny Carnegie History

Henny Youngman    Gary Oldman
maintenance fee    secondary eleven Jack cost
Eraserhead    now erase 'er neck    start over
Pontius Pilate    this is your captain speaking

“Get you high at night”    “special island”
Long Beach Road    way back when    someone else
waves    jetties    Little Neck clams    Oceanside dump
peat bog    flounder fishing    water skiing

Orange jelly    Flaming Lips    Screaming Trees
Screamin Jay Hawkins    Screamin Cheetah Wheelies
green felt marker    upside down cake    mock tudor
teacher's aid    band practice    perfect excuse

Carnegie Hall    Monty Halls of Montezuma
shores of Tripoli    aisles of trials
Miles Smiles    Blue Train    Monk Plays Monk
hermit    her bat    her ball    her bases

History  hysterectomy  hertz  Ben Hur
genuflect speckled hen horticulture graft
Percival's purse is full    it's personal
Personism    Frank O'Hara    New York City

Purple Geothermal Dancing Hirsute

Hirsute    his dress    their cacophony
telemetric dunce cap gun barrel lid
pig fire reign    gunk alert noodle siren
ghost ship maxillary nerve spasm generator

Geothermal oxymoron snack break
destination GPS malfunction
quiz show host animal cracker barrel
Harpo Marxist theory of evolution

Dancing with the star spangled banter
slide rule of thumb drive the goddamn car
Creeley evocative brevity lock
Kaufman's The Ancient Rain    Corso's Gasoline

Near past    distant past    future primitive
human barbarity    Mars and beyond
“there's a starman waiting in the sky”
David Ziggy    James Iggy    pre-punk glam pop

Purple shift of mood    indigo twilight
sunset    sunrise    son of god    mother of man
naked apes    worldwide cocoon of gadgetry
find what you find in the ruins    proceed

Auntie Wendy Goat Appletree Hobby

Hobby socialist    denatured solvent
premature e-book publication
gooseberry pie    Grandma Moses    Red Sea
surfers    snappers    fiddler crabs    Zero Mostel

Appletree sentry    Yellow Brick Road
werewolf tse-tse thou lizard  thou thunder full
lizards doff claws  beak was  beak was  beak was
beak was  beak was    beak was oven plundered full sink of doves

Auntie Em    antique elm    let's play Twister
color film    Man on the Moon    Andy Kaufman
“here I come to save the day”    Elvis
Taxi...    Driver    “you lookin at me”

Wendy O Williams    school bus  chainsaw
splatter chic    gutter punk    whipstitch rip away
flugelhorn dustbunny shoebox army
sea creature    Uncle Squid    Monty Pie Face

Goat fenders mate ghost nay bores
curse blistered cow  strum cat mad knight I'm prey
sew mulch deep ends Upton who fed a sparrow
slathered with cheeseburgers    beast-eyed thin white Chechens

Steve Potter's writing has appeared in extant publications such as Blazevox, Danse Macabre, Galatea Resurrects, the Golden Handcuffs Review anthology A Screw in the Shoe, as well as in long gone and sorely missed publications such as 3rd Bed, Arson, Arthur, Nimble Jill Uphill, and Pindeldyboz. He lives in the vastly overpriced city of Seattle and often finds himself wondering why.
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