Guy R. Beining


the porch is moveable
the rot green medicine chest is moveable
the fan & lady with ancient eyes are moveable
everyday i count what is moveable,
but i will never count myself as moveable
until i am removed by the black hole
that flies around sweeping up objects.

it is fine to be acquainted
with the pinch of daybreak
& fall into words
as deep as the forests.

he wore a black mask
outside the window
of the pornography shop,
& spotted the black eye of religion,
but the reverend said that
it was just a reflection.

in the garden he saw a tall tree
in her wide eyes, branching out.
in a gust all the leaves fell about him

Guy R. Beining was born in 1938 in London and arrived in New York City in the spring of 1940. He currently resides in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and has published thousands of poems along with hundreds of collages and drawings.
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