Sarah Sarai

Three Poems

My Understanding
of the Middle Ages

Not even nine-year-old
made fart noises
in the   presence of      the Lord.

It Is the Body that Gives Us Away

            Prepare for the moon ship journey
                                                             Sun Ra
And while others prefer       a solitude of the rack   by the doorway           It is not
            and they wish to be out fully                             to so publicly be        The 
gigantic character cannot live as other              than herself     you will agree someday
Without a container     where are freedoms safe   Great respect for 
old-time fags   Youngs!  Do you even know?  What to grab when you take off
        Another century   We will see her as she was             It is the body that gives us 
away         A female body is a fact     flesh its fortune    fate      Oh but             skin 
Sandra Bernhard in The King of Comedy   I want to be Black  < the desperation
of my race>             The messengers are free of degradation  >>>Churches are 
burning in the South<<<     Take off, Soul           Problems of bodies are for 
the living              Problems of hell for the living and dead

Still Not, No,                           No

That shit wasn’t easy         They still haven’t      white civil rightsers  moved to the
   Crenshaw District      Samuel who was Peter to    us      Pete to be Pete            
Samuel to be Black     Peter to be       brother-in-law                    Man,    you were 
twelve                  when that sister married          The actualization of a you
        not-in-sight                                 Being a purist is always a losing thing        an
 imaginary                Nature learns on the job            blueprints mess with us
          Evolution of    the ignorants is                       nowhere really
                         Bullies          bust us open            The hard road turns us into saviors 
             Pete to be Pete                        Sam to be himself        To have a self                        
                   That’s an art  

Sarah Sarai’s work includes The Future Is Happy (BlazeVOX); Geographies of Soul and Taffeta (Indolent Books); Emily Dickinson’s Coconut Face; The Risen Barbie; O You of the Cotton Pajamas (Dusie Kollektiv); I Feel Good (Beard of Bees); and That Strapless Bra in Heaven (Kelsay Books – forthcoming). Her poems are in many journals and anthologies. She is an independent editor in New York City.
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