Alberto Vitacchio & Carla Bertola


We have started this work using visual material; a work based on the idea to create a new dimension or we could say a new reality, connected to places we visited during the years. So we use photos taken during our trips to display our art works in places we visited showing part of the art that of course was always with us. In this way we can break, or transform, or warp, the time perspective and rebuild a reality that once changed becomes in fact the reality… We think also that perhaps we’ll write on this work. For the moment it’s a work in progress already arrived to open more than 400 breaches in time and space; breaches that are now the true reality and we are there…

Initials CB and AV are used to indicate if Carla or Alberto or both have a work in the picture, while OS is for our magazine Offerta Speciale.

This project using photos taken during our journeys is in a way connected to our long project THE QUEST where we worked on hundreds of images taken in the megalithic places in Ireland, England, Wales, Orkney, and the Shetland Islands and opening also in that case the route to spread visual material through space and capturing the presence of time within the creation of visual works where we surfaced as artists and also characters acting in the space so that they and we mingled. The other important component was also the sound that was part of the exhibitions of THE QUEST and the performances based on it.

The Breaches:


2019 < 2017

2017 < 2014

2013 < 2010

2010 < 1980

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