Katie Fanthorpe

A sense of wellbeing
We bought a new colander and it has made my day/ it really brightened up my day/ it is the light of my life/ it has been a real pleasure to drain/ it really has been a slow and sinking feeling

how are you doing/ we have become very keen gardeners/ we have become very good at burying our own hands/ it's a pleasure to feel your fists in the earth/ its a real chance to

I have taken up a language that I will speak to noone/ it feels good to expand your horizons/ educate yourself/ to show yourself how thoroughly you were failing before/ to give yourself a really hard time/ to prove to noone that you are coping really well

next week we plan to take a long walk as far as our feet will take us/ we don't imagine that will be very far

Katie Fanthorpe lives in London and works in the games industry. Her poetry has appeared in Minor Literature, 3:AM Magazine, Datableed Magazine, ZARF and Eborakon Journal.
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Blogger Jack Galmitz said...

I like this poem very much Katie.
The humor, the non sequitor gives me a feeling of well-being
Thanks for it.

9:12 PM  

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