Douglas Barbour & Sheila E. Murphy

Continuations CXXII:

to lose means what in
     whose staring eyes
          	more blinded by a (s)light
felt in the imbedded code
     cathode     no ode
          	to free do(o)m here

implosion may (not) s how
          	exactly       	adaptation
    takes the heart to
          	heights of stars
     far from odometers 
me(a)s(s)uring real distances

in adventures in time 
          	or spacing    sparing
     no expense     expanse of
          	shame   not longer
felt    fold    tear       tell
      tale heart   (less ness (monster

imitation space	          sufficient
          	for one flower           		destined
   to grow old by ear
          	exemplars predate
                    		their platonic ideals
    induced by routine          		stirring	

envy   an initiate state    meant
          	to open doors    a
     welcoming perception   per
          	contract   first contact
          	     best enticement or
                    		indictment   (catchpolled

oars 	per se
          	ached into repetitive
                    		motion send
     forth strain           		to hold
          	still	the right to
                    		keep and bear

arms tiring   not to mention minds
          	mainlining  ‘you’ d arrive
                    		from some arcane algebra
ick factor    the great unwashed   a
          	certain percentage   after all
                    		can be roped (in)  doped

brackets where the un
          	washed live in cent
                		breakout          	knowing the ropes
requires           	belief           		caning
                shifts facts to fear
                    		beyond mindful nests

sheered    shored     against
     the wind      uh oh
          	that Shakespearian refrain
     remembered     as the who has seen
          	winds down     a rather large
          	     exception   all under surge

find towns           	winded
          	a shore less defined
                    		having seen is to accept
  or not	    the urge to store
          	sheer volume		now
                    		at rest	   and holding

fast    or last call
     of the wild weather
          	false hopes hopped up
as in a dream    states
     of denial     detail
          	s mere campaigns

pain and buffering
          	as one 		awaits the chime lit
   early evening          	hope
          	lathered across the wide
                    		middle of the road
    washed by history

                              			s biggest hit
a down the drain way of looking at
          	the black curd
                    		led milk of compassion
compression   an expression of mathematics
          	no equals   signs    here

tantamount to one more e
          	qual then the other
                    		pressing a nerve center
   with claws whose track
          	record includes vats filled
                    		with fresh melded blood

brothers bleed like any
          	else wear   out
     side   what borders
          	on insanity in
tense motion contra community
          	gated somewhere else sans all

leading eco
          	gnomic indicators           	gate
   the populace           	a way 
          	from orderly 

gnomans land    shadow
     boxed in    toxic as can
          	be   leavings for
the great unshushed   those
     the streets didn t wash away
          	with their allotments

lots to talk about 	
          	the ash in lots 	   the leaves
                     		one streamed across
    our streets with pipe like 
          	fragrance           	during walks
                    		turned toxic shadow

sheets   or flows of darkness
     dart next to the fallen
          	leaves    so much behind
an obscured dream of re
     building the brick house
          	structures versus that wolfish blow

art shucks off
          	space once filling
                    		its own structure
now the eye repairs
          	to glaze green fired
                    		smooth to touch

an articulated beauty shines
          	why should it not
                    		include the quest
ing eye    or ear
          	ring out the ancient
                    		songs of renewal

sequester joy for now
          	a stinging notice of clues
                    		hinders the repose
of curatorial           		wonders 
                     in full view

a null clue    eschewed
    where the tale plagued
           the cognition   re
ported in proofs of winnings
     counted out before
          	the wheel slowed into stasis

what interferes are
          	cognates lined up well in bloom
                    		imported or transcendent
          	imputed as still
                    		standing proof

startling professions    of
          	belief    (or understanding
     how to get beyond before
          	belying all the factual
a mandate only tells
          	what a candidate shows

versus real life                	those huddled
          	en masse find muscles
                    		to overtake 
(dis)ease of speech
          	thus replace   	that shadowy
                    		false overreach

a kind of willful blind
           spotted somewhere else
                    		a severed truth
reflects the hoped for utopia
          	rejection notice
                    		d not at all

potted plants	entice
                  for        their
    	          tall	kindred

a kinder kind of con
          	serve  nation
     all gone far
          	beyond the (b)light
what grows   what knows
     what happened in that soil

served           		stained          		left 
          	to change
                    		clay figures
   on the statue           	hands
          	began to take away
                    		the rendered self

surrendered self
          	but to what
                    		or whom
ever   lasting
          	(lashing)      out
                    		ward bo(u)nd

a (d) venture strikes 
          	one at a time
                    		then folds          	 in two
elastic limbs become
          	their own 
          	protective covering

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