Jim Leftwich

The Four Oaks Poems (Page 3)

ground ground

eye newt riot foam
the egg spinning
what combs a 
ground ghosts a
ground anew rot
foamy leg inning

shoeless pollen trap

vibrating rodents becoming
picnic ancestral ongoing
worms buckwheat stories
analysis parcels ebb
acoustic damage imaginary
leaky chatter weaves
passive habitat flow
lung interior river
field herbivore hidden
vessels moonstone tomorrow
sudden existential nails
fluid indifference coronavirus
biological wildflowers tailored
virus remembers seeking
approximate tortoise summer

both and, cage

page forth ages
worth pegs froth
sage motheaten

let us not

justice your sea our
senate the American
week because four
macaroni after the
supreme cougar
forgets seven as the
sun sets in the east

closest to a peril

the knit bulb most
moist piece burns
independently of
who pours the air
as if anyone were
here and listening

narrat syste cyclic

the response I am not
noticing nor knotting
the knit cultiv a reality
witnesses from sour
rooftops aftermath are
debits or doubts are
the former sleek the
years indirectly private
undergoe practices
culled prosthesis such
demonic farthings of
conque new wavicles
dance from the briar
patch doppelganger
to nudity in Zurich two
grandfathers ago

latch, loins

lurch lunch church
chicken kitchen
kitten mutton baton
balloon ballroom
bathroom buttons
bullion bullet lion

since carp

mince nice once
march perch punch
lunch parch hearse
grease wrench parse
porch pounce please
north bench arch
park cart harp

truck back

track tickle tucker tock
trickle tucker sock slack
sucker hock flack riddle
clock lick rabble buck

Moist Particles

questic stafle October
Drive Blake met Ozzy
way par your starks
on the bare twenty 5

uncanny voltage

a slice of
front end loader
systemic beauty
of the dead
arras that beryl
decreed artificia
flows into the
a raceme to the

models of amnesia

augmented amygdala
gradient statistical
mechanistic isonomia
stimulates hive chin
hydraulic ego critique

feels in situ nascent

speech deal the fruit
positron Occam
idle sidereal pavements
register visionary
passage to realities

nomination right 2016

eye Gondwana filled
absolutely make can
Amway eye melt Atjet
elected I want in say
light eye melt at play
that right to Lindsey
Blake met Ozzy way

the low constant top kicks in

lawn muddier knots referee
loaming on 5-dollar street
where the bugfest prosthetic
is government overwash
detuning the tale of the shoe

methane reportedly worse

in back of the jarring
outburst do you like
the new coronavirus
piano? school still
makes us sick hurry
up and approve the
rush to Escher's door
on the heels of the
new here comes the 
Secretary of the Sun

read more continu times

a year or a day grinning
in your face annexed
like gravy like gravity
we are consequently
electricity inspired by
the city ampere soy pox
a trip to the leaden worth
rose feathers costumth
acts of claret walking a
kinetic thought-chalk
line talk each of their
ears beaten with femir
of alternative shovels

A Stomach Too Slow

two cars a drove of cats the
complimentary Face the
public combs of summer
one morning in every direction
fex the cor fex the cor
maps happen outside the corridor

code & hilt

the garden
its pale sea

from the middle of small secrets

under cover of thirsty
teeth weeks exchange
statements lobby
propeller pebble
fragile baton watershed
The Murk of The Now
they stand up
in their robes
for miles and miles
of damage
with their windsnake
pandemic anthropogenic
security theater
their Mississippi chokehold jetty
while we are writing our
leaders into the background
of their battlegrounds

between those who say

whether it is within
semantic mode to
challenge the
semiotic nosecone
stork, therefore
landfall, Hurricane
Tomato, the Great
Piano and its Crisis
of Pollution (Songs
of The Constraints
of the Reststop),
I give them until
2.5 PM to air their
animals quasi-
intentionally war

a lot of talk

read the crow lake
organic speed bumps
coeval anthropocene
audience no more
equator strategies
coaching showbiz
through the water
grate do not forget
about tomorrow today
or day after tomorrow

green peppers pissing real feet

renamed polkadot chessboard
so the anonymous interpreters
need not anoint themselves in
the spoil of facts Hellenic Hells

the polls ahead of the light

face, A face, face, another
Face, around the
photogenic discou, bodies
conscious of anticipated
eggs / abound in fur, 
and the work 
is scrubbed of all
seasonal self-construction

my presence to a map

parachutes like the cow
resemble assembled
not just water
but The Clark Fork River
proven graphs of purity
quell the real
harbingers of a sentence

Hundreds of Seas

different circuits infect
biological morphemes
with Baumol's cost disease
with monthly clock dust

don't wait for the national
fungus to grant your ship
another year of its
forthcoming, drive your
own fiscal surprise like you
own the utility company

upholster the broken batteries

than dawn in defeat
is immediate
the ever-shifting
fight of our selves

thought though tough

from shirt
to wane

to wane the sun

to weather
the seams
like a what o'clock

play reveals body

eye leg sea umbrella
initial preconditions
mosaic arms-length
moon (moon) moon
annuities prophesy
authoritarian brio (ie.,
tissue in the drain a
soup) middle wolf or
batch of upheavals,
letters botch the sea
infrequently arranged

administrata cola

organic seek
and audience
profess equator
research form
mirror & coach
secrecy is an
eye dissemir
spree manic
to open the
dendrites onto
sponge genre
myth & gulch

burned human snow

the idea mouth cake
unnatural crawling
with language conch
very very meat just
every port is a spiral
interrupt yourself
while walking into
the dust blows out
and the dust blows
in like a oriole built
from the tilt of tincture

were able to vortex

and shaman who 
this table fabulously
unable to know the
knit score like hole
poems unsaid to a
kite the nuance of
any séance molding
milk social mindful
eating critical eggs
worms awash in our
natural souls to think

design a moon

the 2020 fossil the
fossil tricks fuel the
mojo the looming
votive stragglers  
we want to sea the
coyote undercover
shoes & strategies

ran in again

north of the
scenic crater
dumpster geode
it would be
if they posited a
fortified utopia
is never more
real than the
stem of its

ulterior kilometers

ice satellite squared
reports only four
words in the extreme

stop do and cast

covid amanuensis
books study 800
young autumns
rats spread dams
and kelp forests
scorched batter if
hydrant telescope
gravity of batteries
a wild virus attacks
the moonlight all in
all meatus osmosis
tactics also time

pro on Tean

juices 21 to be
conf across
nomine by H
our 2020
nomina the pre

0.9% school 14 A

disease for 0.2% have
deaths the centers
there comes think to there
implies spelling immunity
young who

the herd immunity

junk and should don't yes
worry whooping epidemiologist
0.2% by considered by
that college with
relatively confident people
population certainly the the
population pandemic
year coronavirus appears
minimal standard case

among his thoughts

P beyond camp
declaratic science
transcripts gamma
meninges microbial
moss ghost sutra
in the seminar of
the senators in the
middle of vacancy
up muddle creek
without a poodle
we are already our
own shoes a
minimum of eyes
no mucus before
the grammar of
the gladiators

or interrup

age advances therein
visitors will be dancers
experience can be
scalable if inhabited
or is that an escalation
of reflection the
concept of embodiment

pepper golden butterflies

burning arrive fall reports
their top simply much
wildlife much wildfire so
much too many plums
peeping around our
pattern would the smooth
forks of the valley river
historical also embraced
thirteen adventures overall

Sail Medium Rummage

taping hardly subversive
climates from the dawn
of the French Beowulf
spiritual holding pens
power kneels in a drop
of murk a matter of style

crocodile ripe for publication

designed the poetry guerilla 
the war against potable
grammar catamaran impasto
visitor center zygote coiled
around lentil datsun delicious
recordings of the present the
mezzanine of the soul wobbles
sable stress marrow minim
traditions traduced by atemporal
tempo elbow parboiled metallic
avalanche in a aerosolized
vegetable nanosecond
applications in copper
for the serial prosthetic opera

camembert delta tutti

reconsider the gladiola and
the gondola the compression
socks marginal imaginations
in the convex moment-zone
our ceramic fate from talon
tp tendon bobble headlights
subtalented leaderless tedium
we have put ourselves in the
mood of the real "the mood of
the real" with no idea how to
quench the immediate misfor
tune of industrious innovation

the spotlight changes the collage

half-circular guidelines after
gravity-fires startle the form
every night on the O
non-free 10am holidays are closed
from Tuesday to the next century
at 3pm
I said yes with respect to what was
unbuttoning the gas cap
is a disease
of autobiography
in the style of their heritage
in which one is punished
by the architecture of
finance capital
cities fan out
along the south side
of the river
spectacular concepts
bent to economic abyss

work reminds yet if

in the water-knowing a
death of criticism a
short form of ourselves

algae beckoning custard

force-feed us to accelerate
pandemic core anchor $5
continue to go home that
is her left elbow beside
her right ear it is 2019 24
hours a day and we are
sturdy in the manner of
January Candelabra Cinema

pristine crevice

dust campaign
all thought distribution
one mirror
protocols during
five weeks of optimism
is more than
one pain in the neck


a big deep
competition sorl
all of them
the most Temporal
around existing
Ultima eating
pears aerosol shoulder
yesterday & Thursday
the pepper roof
Others suspended
9 billion of us
decide the tide
Disease corners
soma problern
people thread
a voice about it

poached strata

thus the sick
worm reminds
us of a cucumber
or molten scones
not a numerology
of segmented
elective penumbra
a drop cloth draped
over the streets
of the internet

incremental wager

likely to finish
this second
and to wander
among the
vehicles like
a grocery cart

participatory study

perspective is an
array of editions

the fact-look

into diagonal
of a rose
plus kabob


the arrival 
of this
arrayed in
suffix plus


potentiometer the survival
of the fat fib fiction
cumulus nimbus pleated
peas pleasantly
parlayed in parquet
edible parfait illegible
segments cemented
suffix plus surplus
minus fixative 
splintered during
rational nations


potential osmosis revival
of the of the fad fob function
cumulative nimble
beating knees plea saintly
layered in parking lots
eligible fait accompli
glue mentation segue
pus surging pox
sinus laxative 
winter in the dirt
with rational notions


slats of suit Repu pallets
have and are or will be
while would more than
70 and instantly heaves
out over the sea halved
a century eviscerating
robberies demolished
them unsurprisingly laws
and legal realities since

this is midnight

cream of goat support
public terminal
Monume constructior
developmental hat prism
out of the tire and
into the trying pan

oral argent

urge to pack fire
in a bracketed
hat / dramatic
stamp pact S-12
since the cement
in italics / bet on
magical stewball
vitamins  / a field
of giraffes armed
with mental guano

street egg, possibility

human orange carrion
transmission conditioning
alien hex key Allen wrench set
these are the several seashores
sludging like slippery slurp
against the inside of your leftist thigh
precarious acts & vistas
our responsibility is to respond
wrote Robert Duncan
for the new corners & crevices
the coin of the century
with all of its dotted eyes

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