Jim Leftwich

The Four Oaks Poems (Page 4)

invocations of agribusiness

thought crinkles and the
planet bevels. unexpected
eggs inform a new high
light. a torpedo on a tripod.
other deepening
calls to loss. the blueprint
corrupts the ritual collapse.

spherical barometer

sanguine ever prosthetic, one
year mainly gravy on the brain
/ hamburger, salt burger,
iridescent kudzu / potato bread
and metabean soup. the
present is invisible and open.
it follows you to China like
a memory of recent work. it.
continuous, almost perpetual.

horizontal ecologies

chive sieve deflects
a suit of streets and
stripes. opposite
proposals attract
an edifice.
mentored silo serial
diameter stanzas
nesting individuated
sial. a form of
diagonal pragmatism.


this aesthetic diagram
examines imminent
materials / materials.


what are
the sing,

a pantheism


text is different

we are
the scissors
for which
is a story

by Dreaming twice

the light unpacks
our knotted sleep

"whole families shopping at night"

thermal which 2018 the
winter hour, America
completes America, until
all life is built of truism
juice and obedience, is
this what we think,
hovering in half, get out
of bed if the same thing,
alive at the grocery store

King Way

I am do
Ing this.
King Way.
King Way.


Mosquito storage, center
Spears of dry rot, ascetic
Aboard fissible indiscipline.
Oxygen wing dice
Humidity snub basement
Hooligans middle reliever
Non-holiness. Conditional
Questioning is permanently
Desalinated. Purpose
Stillborn, epic peach 
Mosquito. Pomegranate
Shadow. Curious doors.
The curled doors of Vermont.

Slip of the pleat

Spontaneous triple
Ink wash nepotism
Deeply hometown.
Herring being hearing
During depleted lip
Reading radiation.
Stippled membranous
Pontoon. Prismatic
Depot ashen wink.
Our own harmonious
Plywood bearing
Down on the inner ear.

thing me so

irene renhennie
so thing me
me so thing
thing me so
mesome memeso
the denial
of coevalness
permeated probable
interstellar terrarium
eye fog
doomsday clock
the one legged
knee up
fade away
dennis renhennet
something something

a ravaged letterwash

part o joint world the o.
the representatit photograpb greetings.
our planet cont capsu curre reco.
spac and received post explorations.

kettle of moons

lake rose delta soprano monotone.
gale force erroneous ethos, ethos.
verbal mirrors serrated by presently monsters.
social daring net conditional cakewalk.
the sun corridor incisive catacombs.
darkly annual brevity of the eye.

identity fallow pirates

leaderless industrialization turbulent
herd by reveal egg forms red herd
techniques studied technologies
determined depending
giant glints of ostrich and cormorant

as you suspected

assisted existences are the
basin toaster dialectic
rivers welcome the soap
vivant autodetermined
germ zone peril as in stage
flight the negative gravity
of constituent trilobites
production basin corn pod
piano, late night, introverted


materially turbulent
inch porridge
of the handcrafted
exactly earlier
the sun-yolk beats
the Mohave

crossed between-paths

estimated fishwing
stirring, sir, the
point is the opport
unity. quail alone
at the laundromat
deli, armed with
instant entity.

hats off to the eyes

history programmed
scry grammatical
scurvy reification
worse all night
historical overtime
rise to hasten
preservation server
but the fire within
eating table bliss
blistering tablets
hats off to the eyes

there is much

snail macaroni sighs poetic
effluvia. clarity episodic
song ontological thumb an
intrinsic bean, gut-punch
humming thought. words
don't portray, is duende, a
double-fingered continuum.

syllabic quicksilver

a bump in the
road through the
camp by the sea.
experience flowers
in the eye and
breaks dove paper
hatch, talking our
way out of this.

who liberated these varieties

orange ghost in the
canyon has the
age of margarine.
advent identities
into howling forward
what is real is real,
have also the speed
of motions, emotions.

multiple nearnesses

knowledge openly
the eyes barking
up the machine
tree and down
with the pleasure
manual. unbelief
within the end
and another near.


alpine pepper sand
dune the open
aspen electricity as
pect aspect pectin
pectoral pine peaks
incremental autumn
mental hand prune
doppler pensive ink

Ingth Is

I am do
is. Nofu
King Way.
King Way.

disobedience lexicon

habovering vjand tourix
spaw the leads with
familiarity. Acropolis
mask marks the
discovery of
inclurand cirp France
features feathers
further on up the rope
transcendenkle heisa
to the city, visiting.

immersive guide

this winter, many
soul yams,
belonging against
to progress,
practice center, 
who, who
burning who, in
the water, this


guided guided away
guided and guided away.
guided guided guided
and away guided away.
away guided away away
guided guided guided
guided away guided and
guided guided guided
guided and. and guided
guided guided guided
and guided away guided
guided guided guided
and guided away guided
guided guided guided
away away guided away.
away guided away and
guided guided guided
away guided and guided
away guided guided.

and wear

faces practice
books biogra
freen def
to reach
in justify

flowstone a single drop

cultural high chair high
brow high way sprung
spring upholstery tells
salt to the legends two
by four cadence most
piano leg legumes are
barely rare - walkways
interrogating the unde
rground, Pecos River,
where time stood still,
for one moment in the
- Chihuahuan Desert.


feast your years on the
evening morsel. theater
to soup, compost in
their wintry morals,
inert grouse forward,
stainless steel frames
and pleated, plastic
twine. emits hubris
forsaken the animal
mesmerizing your
history in a knife. the
thinking, this kind of
thinking, fitting o
identified sausage,
the nearby ranges
impact & abrasive.
sandwiche pounds
sprouting near
forth the fourth
purple placard. we
dirt impenetrable
tornado river civil
the landscape.


it's alright
sense of
i'm only
ding, ma

corona virus deed

do U.S. death knot
in case that coughs
likely is a long time
has who would the
center of American

which explains how

vacuum leaner mix
Oaxaca surviving
English, two
containing the
deer skin, deer skin,
exactly how
no demons are
remains unclear

I was in a workshop with him.

recently salt poems and
anchovy of text the, I
find my fins in the first
moist of each thirsty
month, flourishing
everywhere in the dirt,
and in the desert, where
the rivers run under
ground. fish cannot be
all that has ever been
said about them. we
eat with gleams on our
teeth the orange necks
of the octopus, the stork.

a fish

floor the light no
arbitrary combo
work is difficult
like water like
list poems 
femur house
plants hosted 
the granite rant
postage bemused
like a fish a fish

flickering customers

shadows were
riding in on their writings
duck oil
through the rabbithead
minor key, all teeth
as a tradition

provisional sonance

together indeterminate the
sacred vulture variables
addicted to joy and horror
the fear of dice
is a hole
in the machine
envelopes evolve as
the wheels ajar darkly
wind vending kinesis itself

the poem you were looking for

legume eye quivering albumin.
aluminum ligature
disproportionately equivalent.
arid commode pesto vivisection.
cadence commanding
fair vermicelli vermicelli cello.
I was in Boston, boiling
dice cinema paginated,
apparitions of purity 
collaborating on a library.
sneeze guard, lucidity, lacunae.

Exploitation Fostering Exploration

I was in contemporary transdisciplinary latitude.
These relationships evolve, entering practice.
However, scrub shrubbery scrubbing hubbub.
Hubcaps, however, shrubbery entering latitude.

Over the course

creates the
50 states
of Detroit
reading, reading
author of
toothpick halo
the foremost
content street
in capital


bee gloved is verse and three.
sheet moccasins over the herd.
the flaming mouse softens the hem.
imaginary gardens with real toes in them.
bee sheet the imaginary toes.
gloved moccasins flaming gardens.
the verse over the house with three toes.
the heard the ham the theme three toes.

Is Is

your possibility is total is.
is but specific Saturday faction.
tuned difficulties poach a rhythm.
facts spin waiting endlessly I.
your is tuna facets possibility.
but difficulties spin is specific.
poached waiting is Saturday.
total faction is endless rhythm.

taught was known

learn fall falling in
fruit mountain pie

riot nouns colossos
adrenalin courtly
destroys the senatorial
oriflamme pass the
orange juice reassured

necessary square root
of tightly wrapped shoes

placemat given grotto
aloof abscess after
noon last minute
aggrandized budging
detours reassured

cows eat cars

i suspect
outside the
herd thump
a few slippery
cheese cheese
gust of herd
fictions cast
vast cases

Minimum Claudette

egg fall falling in
fruit crooked pie

riot nouns beach
building courtly
destroys boundaries senatorial
oriflamme pass goose
orange hamburger reassured

outdoor square root
of order wrapped shoes

placemat given behind
aloof haulage after
repurposed last minute
aggrandized vibrant
dimensional reassured

Mayor Minimum Claudette

i suspect surroundings
dedicated between
half-routines begin
outside the melting
herd thump emerge
thumping wholly
a few slippery hats
cheese cheese us
gust of herd newly
fictions cast mewling 
vast cases practice
ceaseless hartebeest

Haunted Movie

egg remnants falling in
fruit crooked logging

riot mining beach
building pizza
destroys boundaries cuisine
oriflamme gold rush goose
orange hamburger multisystem

outdoor south pole
of order physiological

dumpster given behind
insurance haulage after
bootlegged last minute
aggrandized fingerprints
dimensional rhizomatic

Empty Backyard

burdock suspect surroundings
dedicated between reconfigured
half-routines begin beautiful
outside the melting half-truths
herd thump emerge half
thumping wholly truths
a few slippery hats reconfigured
cheese cheese us burdock
gust of herd newly festering
fictions cast mewling new years
vast cases practice orchestral
mugwort hartebeest forward

genuflects red brandy

suit carrots
apostles of peony
felicity data public
traditional duplicity zone
scissors unitary
oddities of authority

all his strength

41% gesture in in
a knee media needed
as if in the onto
wet west

hacksaw & they

a shoe is a work of
theology. at the
start of the gland,
a stark particle, the
family has always
been birefringent,
a conditional myth
of sociology. how is
the airport mud
anchored by census
guile hacksaw
January in Latvia,
withdrawn. dawns
on a carton of eggs.

all poems are political

your backbone have
public nine other
Utah. will ballot box
the low wildfire
public lake, very
concentric, all of us.

upper case class warts

robbery anticipates
eating. eating
disasters museum,
department of
Charlotte, culture
draped over his
leg. he was an
important motherf
ucke,r in an earlie
r life. golf carts
filled with real
estate. lament
march hell leaning
in as a design.

Slow-motion shape of Tibet

all ye anything are clear.
previously serious only
signifiers. universal light
bulbs hover, reopening
the supermarkets. we
science fish tracheal
surplus. everyone
synthetic are still alive
in California morsel.
the cholla coats
mackerel or lice were
they carried tragically
to proof agribusiness
government economies
resplendent and
bureaucratic in their
static soak-alled worke.

intersections have been

eat fish barometer Florida
focus holding wombat or
warthog, who knows? at
least this much this much.

I thought as much

to through-thought
bent arcane within
the X and the spot

          08.18.2020 - 09.30.2020
          Four Oaks, NC

Jim Leftwich is a poet and essayist. He is the author of Six Months Aint No Sentence Books 1 -187 
(Differx Hosting@Box, 2011 - 2016), three volumes of essays entitled Rascible & Kempt Vols. 1 - 3 
(Luna Bisonte Prods, 2016-2017), and i reMEmber petrOLeum (Luna Bisonte Prods, 2019). Bursting Presents 
was recently released from Luna Bisonte Prods.
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