Kelsey Swancott


I was never a confrontational person, I hated arguing and even considered myself a pushover. But I couldn’t ignore it; the anger that built up inside of me whenever he raised his voice. It bubbled up inside me and sat in the back of my throat burning it like acid. I tried so hard to fight it, to suppress it. That burning rage inside me, the voice in the back of my mind that begged to be let out like an animal in a cage for too long. So when he screamed at me that night I finally released it.

(Re) Runs

Some chapters are meant to end. They may play an important role, but that’s just the thing— they’re only a part in the story— meant to be left behind, so the story can continue. So that’s why, when he showed up on my doorstep, years later, with no warning, I was speechless. Three years with no contact. He simply shows up at my home, expecting to be let in. But I could see behind those brown eyes that he was the same broken man I left behind. That is when I shut the door in his face without a word.


At sixteen, she decided she would live there, whether for college or moving afterwards. She loved the people, the atmosphere, the places, and she placed a red pushpin over Boston on the map. Now, at twenty, she dreaded the thought of even visiting, knowing that he is lurking in the city, knowing that there is the slim chance of running into him. Into him again. He never made her feel safe at home. And now he took her dream, the one he had latched onto, and made it his own. Long after they had become strangers again.

Kelsey Swancott is a senior majoring in English with a minor in Visual Arts and Spanish while also being involved in the campus literary magazine Angles. She plans on furthering her education by getting her masters degree in English as well.
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I enjoyed these stories, particularly Re(runs). You write well. All the best to you.

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