Sanjeev Sethi


Acentric stirrings are a departure 
from the cadence of
punctilious moves. 
Campaign isn’t disquisition 
on rigors of moral science. 
It’s an essay in refinement 
where even offensive calls 
willingly disabuse. 
Library in the mind lubricates 
the internal aristarch 
with communiqués 
from invisible texts. 
These supply muscle 
to pound the pavement.


Like the flowers sent to a friend are changed
by another vase by the time the next lot of 
pictures are posted on social media. Temporals 
both-- meta and the metaphor.

In the age of access media how free is the press? 
In a conversation it is never the words that irk 
but the subtext. Whatever the sitch the stich is
homed in the head. Keep it uncrowded.


Conniptions are always correct 
when seen from the perspective 
of person who has the hissy fit. 
Anger doesn’t misgive. 
It returns with equal 
or more contempt. 

If the recipient of ire 
understands this: 
armistice is imminent.
If not, it has potential to explode:
leaving both the participants 
in contrition mode.

Decals of a decade
gone by stir up a salute
to orneriness of exposure.
While in its reach
there were other reverberations.
Edifice of shame is assembled
by those in superintendence.
It is to invalidate.
It may be due to fear or not fully
recognizing the ramifications.
A few slots from sixty 
I ought to be an adult. I will bill 
and coo with the windmills in my 
inmost and position myself as my 
own éminence grise.

Sanjeev Sethi is published in over 30 countries. He has more than 1350 poems 
printed or posted in literary venues. Recent outings: The Cannon’s Mouth, 
Dreich Magazine, Flashes of Brilliance, Pomona Valley Review, Cajun Mutt Press, 
Lummox Poetry Anthology # 9, and elsewhere. He lives in Mumbai, India.
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