Adam Rosenkranz

On The Way to Portland

Somewhere East
Of Rilke, but West

Of Cecil Taylor, 
In between Roy

Cohen and William
Kunstler, Hannah's above

The Think World,
Below the Do World,

And we, you and I,
Are ranting on the planes

Of Existence about Rand and Hubbard.  
It seems the easy 

Thing to do, indulging in
The tension of an argument.

I levitate, I digress,
But if you must label me, 

Label me a socialist
Libertarian, a vegetarian 

Who eats fish, 
A Quaker Buddhist 

With Jewish leanings.
Or you can call me

While I shred 

The White Pages,
Who will man

The dictionary,
Who will marry

The woman who womans
The encyclopedia?

As you know,
It’s the age

Of dematerialization,
My brain is out shopping

For a new jar.
I cannot find my thoughts,

But names ring bells,
Go where angels

Fear to breed, 
Fill my vacuum.

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Adam Rosenkranz has worked as librarian in Southern California for the last thirty years. He has many stray poems in his house and two stray manuscripts.    
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