Johannes S. H. Bjerg

40 Minor Displacements

like when you’re a bird in a cage on a table in a train that never reaches Lisboa

like when you say arm but really mean hope or daffodil

like when from a low hanging branch you pick the eyeballs of winter

like when you dress in shadows calling them hat, coat and pants but they’re made of ants

like when a nation’s collective consciousness is shaped by sit-coms

like when the shadow of your hand remains on the table peeling a shadow orange

like when your chair doesn’t want to know of you

like when you watch the Evening Land’s Evening Land’s continual internal drowning and think of a sponge

like when there’s no “shop” on your shopping list

like when you dream the grass’ dreams in winter

like when snow becomes wons and you can’t shovel it

like when you find a butterfly’s wing in your astral shoe

like when the seasons change without you

like when light thinks you’re a stranger

like when defrosting your fridge you find your misspent youth

like when your black dog does nothing but breathe you in the face

like when your imaginary son comments on your use of hats

like when a nation has to make up superheroes to cope

like when you think it’s a grown up thing to discard of your vocabulary

like when you’re a tree 

like when the shadows in your room begin to leak nails

like when you use Sartre as an excuse for blowing bubbles at your age

like when winter’s tuning fork detunes you

like when the mugwort sleeps under your eyelids with your onion puppet

like when a freshly made duck of ink heads for the lake

like when the nurses turn your veins inside out to find your ship

like when you run out of options but into a wall of glue

like when you order Primal Fear Deluxe and get a pair of carpet slippers

like when inside the conch’s ocean you build a cardboard island

like when your watch can only tell the number of sparrows falling

like when the egg you thought of as a friend becomes a Moonie

like when your biometrics add up to a 7 hole golf course

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Blogger Neha R. Krishna said...

absolutely stunning !

9:07 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Both of these are really great reads, Johannes.

2:57 AM  

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