GTimothy Gordon

. . . that sticks around.
-Joni Mitchell-
Darkness overwhelms all,                      
even indoors, especially here,                             
even with all locks turned,                     
bolted, panes shuttered & barred,
even with what’s shadow, silent,                
roiling back black at you out there. 

Bard Mash-Up I
Fair is foul, and foul is fair . . . /
Macbeth I.1

Off this mortal coil!                                                 
out brief candle! damn’d spot!
slings and arrows . . .
flesh is heir to—
from Birnam Wood to Dunsinane
(O! Let me not be mad, be mad, sweet heaven . . .)
most outrageous fortune!
The rest . . . silence.

Bard Mash-Up II
Hover through the fog and filthy air.

Your Dark Prince, Sire, no Gentleman.  
To whit: a lean and hungry look—
sharper than a serpent’s tooth.        
His Bitch-Queen queue board:
Another one bites the dust.
And another one gone, and another one …
even this hand, M’ Lord, like yours, 
all others, reeks of mortality. 

Satori seekers make me sick!

Teen icon McQueen-Meursault-
Michael Furey-moments never come, 
mid-life, satori search, mountain, monk,
zazen-koan-meds, AM/PM— all no-shows,                 
Buddha Birthday, Plague Year 2020, 
housebound, on standby in the boonies,    
à la Master Geppa, bygone, stifled by self,
I too implore amid all this carnage, 
Where is my Buddha-mind?

GTimothy Gordon: DREAM WIND was published 2020 (Spirit-of-the-Ram P). Work appears in AGNI, American Literary R, Cincinnati R, Kansas Q, Louisville R, Mississippi R, New York Q, Phoebe, RHINO, Sonora R, Texas Observer, among others. EVERYTHING SPEAKING CHINESE received RIVERSTONE P (AZ) Poetry Book Prize. Recognitions include NEA & NEH Fellowships, residencies, and several Pushcart nominations. He divides professional & personal lives among Asia, the Desert Southwest, & Maine (67)
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