Gao An

SPRING AGAIN 04.29.2022 Small Poems For Felicia Rodriguez 1.) The ivory moon in The morning sky. Seagulls. Scavengers of love. 2.) How disagreeable Life at times was. Or had humans Simply made it so? 3.) My pops once said “Make the tool Do the work.” Entertain the public Then walk by A beggar who spits. 4.) I arrived on a cold spring day—, A pack of cigs, and an empty red bench. 5.) My sensei rarely smiled. But when he spoke Of visiting his parents’ graves; He looked so happy. 6.) “We screw our children up In one way or another,” My pops said. But now, he’s not around. 7.) Grey-green of stone, Pink of lichen And the buzzards hanging above. Starved. 8.) I rode the dark bus. Grotesque faces, phantoms. And outside the Window, darkness. 9.) I walked along the pier That winter; crows lifted their oily black wings. 10.) Was that the 1st time—, Or the last?” I asked her But she made no reply… 11.) 9 suns in the sky: I saw 13 crows where my heart used to be. 12.) Discontent. Aimlessly I wandered. The moon’s thick haze My evening whore—. 13.) The spring sky’s eggshell blue. The red brick of The courthouse And the poet’s head High in the clouds.
Gao An is an interpreter of signs and Poli-sci relations. Born in Harbin, he is skilled in a handful of Kung-fu styles and is a respected member of the American and South Korean hip hop communities. First and foremost, he is a poet—, a passionate lover afterwards.
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