Carla Bertola

            branches signs
            stones signs                                                the words     are stones    

                                                                                        the stones       are words
gathered during journeys through 
the sites in Ireland Scotland and England  
since 1992  a long listening path 

Carla Bertola is an Italian poet, born in 1935 in Torino where she still lives. She started writing very young, and since the early 60’s has contributed to poetry magazines, taken part in conferences and other poetry events. She has produced visual poetry since the 80’s. In the same period she began to perform “Stagepoetry actions of sound poetry”, most often with her partner Alberto Vitacchio, and has been invited to France, England, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Serbia, Latvia and several towns in Italy, where she also exhibited visuals. She has published poetry and visual books, and is in many International anthologies. From 1978 to 2018 she edited the Poetry International Magazine “Offerta Speciale”. She is a regular contributor to Otoliths.
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