Jim Leftwich

Obvius Lee Meets The Thin King
(Part Two)

Flattened pine cone basalt FroG dust parching whipsnake Greenwashing airlifts bark gaggle Erepsin Rootless triumphalists Erogenous Rainbow Tao In it / I am in it egg drop bootstraps each one Teach one fire pit nimbus petroglyph hereditary Finagled Gemstones Jaws of the dragonfish hi jinx jumpers are you fuzzing me out me out meow me out eh you eh say you eh say you eh say fuzzing me out me out meow Highway Jones Haiku Hi fellow guru O Bats IntUitive Birds Unorganized lobes of Dirt / o butterflies O sUn beetles O burrowing verbs o vowels & exclamations closure like a Light Cut with the Kitchen Knife / eXacto Utility zen / O tarragon and turmeric At least at last an argument Arises ReOrganized Zeus Gabbro Bagatelle Super Batshitman Have any reason Has Several Reasons eat what you know Eat where you aRe eat the winter GReeN dandelions forever dinner I am not just any pronoun Given Feast balloons given helium how green is the gas? Falling like a verb into The Field of Streams verso free to variorum vocables floating defy verifiable Dividends verities of the art Eternal Verities of The Human Heart verbs, he said, we like that kind of thing / doubt, succor of dirt / sublimated distinctions between verbs at a distance he muttered screeched yawned and pontificated, happily & wisely, adverbs dripping like tobacco juice from the right corner of his lower lip. vast & variable vocables vary / ah oh eh / unevenly down town stairs / eh oh oh ah / voices flurry flee awry unhurried slurry / get what they Deserve / Flurries of pollinator viscosity Did you Find Them vacationing in a Moonlit Golfer's Battlespace? / In an edible deSiGn nothing rouGhage CorN Beady eyes and flinty tongues hemp grapplers mushrooms jeweled moonshining on the Cellulose Piano / I Want to Wake uP In the Poem of A Living Future viscosity nor undertow Bravery nor understory mine meat meat wine how jointly knitting knotted jointly how nibbling on the knobs how knit knots kindly go kiosk in a kite hardly hard to find and know uNorganiZEd dementia ahoy uNoRgaNiZed yearnings propound propane toppings of the props too tooth and tooled to roughen the edgers or oil the oars in one each & outer door-to-door who to who to whole while quietly quick detuned Like The Tuna of Doom quagmire garnered amorphous religions asocial shoes shoeless histories historical shoelaces juxtaposed identities karma llama lava kiss of fate kiss of feet kiss of filler kiss of fog kiss of fullness rue blue clue cue glue glue damp dreams dipped in Doppler dumps coin nibbles concentrix caveature mirrormorn deviant variables mocklercide mocking sides committing state sponsword spon soared mask mass mush murrr durrr nor neural noxeme borax gaseous sagging socks square root routinely goop too twice geysers tripwire boreal rib cage berries flurries geysers yet yet yolkolk In order to be a poem It must Yes, that too. Traditional yak munch Seriopolis / mixing Oil and water to make Yellow equals four / Who stayed up all Night in the Europa Hotel / Dying more Slowly than it seemed Mackerel brunch who Zero below zero / Was Boiling in seriage diction. nobody writes shit like the shit you write / I remember I remember / it gets bets yet it / it it / not quite quit nor quietly underfoot / it, out at all hours of the under spoon inner onion inner onion inner onion onion inner poetry is perfection of the possible guru glue flinty night into the flinty night how much how much longer early onion red onion eyebright lightning rib bone robbery train tracks beribboned breathing tar and time higher than the two-toned toes triple helium turpentine hydrogen tostada inscape July crested Steller's Jay / crescent kayak ubiquity / drumming crosstown crepitation resides in slickrock unnarrated intuitionally soup tulip intrinsic pulleys thermoregulators heliocentric tropisms flameflower sadge-ay-star vouchsafed drywood but what are they for? box nor waxing helix forgotten neurotransmitters northerly gingerly volcanic breathing bulletin xeric verbatim nostrils galloping through the 20th century goodnight handshaken garbles Undernarrated termites ergo the granfalloon of asemic writers of course I am a member here and now therefore without a tale too many geodes juniper yucca Kilowatt utilities ouija blooming curbside scrambling forged in verbena ghostforsaken numinous eggplant hoarfrost ghastly truisms your snaky oil beating two mulch tryumphalism trying too hard to right the root the route sushi due east eating too much meeting tooth such rippling punctuation / nodding, not drowsy but nodding / ripe unction nor patience nor the not for dotted eyes more, ore you by you mate, ate united is The kingdom kestrel, kettle tubular milk fickle wick lost in the ocean, on the open road lost at open sea O Penn Lee Old Bull Lee / Openly Naked, eating A box of Lunch Poems / If only be Cause he can optional obtuse daff, deff, diff, doff, duff erroreneous right, rate, rute, rite, rote wag, weg, wig, wit, what, wot, wut Poe E Tree Poe I Tree Poe Ah Tree Poe Eye Tree How bad how bad How bad how bad How bad can it be? You won't find out from me. giddy got dog dog ditty dog house hOt hEed hEad heade headE rat reed rid wrong rod ruddy wrong way goat trimmer goat socks goat broad goat dog bird bag xeriscaping x-raying the language box xeric goat goat fox flabbergasting fish hoax heaving granular deer feet heaven dodge bald haven granular radio electromagnetic swirling / swiveling, eat the light eat the light eat the light horizontal daylight passing through the solid rock hoax rip ontological recipe strata sequester sequoia femur oblong poem optimal optimal pie pig pi9 pii pil pet pig 9 dog dog feline beef teeth beef cliff verisimilitude born again burnt lake ghosting cracked dirt hand fuller The Emptiest Road realist ear roles shadscale & winterfat ghoul hat heifer ear reel fur vast & bastardized vastly bottlenecked variant readings noctilucent fig bent wig grunting flags burnt hats hats burnt grunting figs hat rot terrapin boson big sagebrush grit rites emergent eggs riot, grip big smoky valley finagle sheep brackish dimly kindled forgotten skies Why / Why do you Why do you think He writes / This kind of Poem? I think it makes him Feel alive Feel more alive. I think You made that up. Can you make up Something better? kiss of / kiss off lunch, organelles rice / raceme independent egg what until wait until undibe, undibe undone waiting whereas high school super flower blood moon lunar eclipse fade away jump shot jubilee desalinated kaleidoscopic foresight kaleidoscopic fluctuations flora if living thought forms levitating fecund onionskin olio iotas once upon inching piano pie What good is one piano lesson? pie upon pie iota iota olio pie jotted dawn kettle jotting hewn jackhammer horned jabbing ghostgate fang fading dew eutectic riparian reMainder rewinding anew anew Remains edge magnetism softly familiar dutiful verisimilitude curved verbs bouncing boats at body goat femur grit off grilled cheese hoping against hope jest keel keel jest list just keel list juice kiln heist juice heft gust gist feist foist grist dust frost sauce dice dust sauce ear per red tear torn yarn tern yellow rabbitbush tint yarn noon hewn horn ham trumpeting non thorn thimble none thumb highway humbly hymn glib bidding gravely veil eidetic encyclopedic deictic Look at that! borax before verbena bluster blustering blisters for once for sure for the turnstiles or winch formica mica wince for formless mica east of error grovelling in the gravel red triage porridge molten salt energy storage pure gravity napalm torus rectilinear uranium depleted rye and rye rectified bellies porous default bolt eye repeating thumb milking the custard like silk on the mustard and no bilk for the buzzard like the bulk of a gizzard green dreaming spleen deems frenetic giraffe hammering grins hammering jumpsuits hammering juiceless kinetic junkets Kleenex jamming hammers kinks The last brain the last mind the jilting tilted lilt is / is not / is innering outered prosopagnosia in case of glad to hand music musters the north jetty the north jetty kitchen lithodendron only lip sink kitchen dipper lipping drips imagining optical piano lithodendritic highly kittened jettison hemispheric gaffene gaffene-hiatus Puzzling rib throat bending feelings who haven't shoes or shirts wholesomever diurnal glinting funnels hazel rejuvenations sidereal hohum shirtsleeves habituated gabardine awestruck ethereal weavings invariably ventral carbon viewfinders barnacle Chinde barometric centrifugal versatility beneath navigable microventilations barnyard parables misbehoove the nautical verbs between us ditch furrowed gulch drainage garbage hollow fault holes figment hilt fugue horn juts gigabyte gurgles jointed glitch hollowing jointly hillock hijinks jackrabbit lodge jerky lighthouse gadget arroyo hoof and wash gutted cyn the easel regurgitation regurgitated emptier turtle boxing triumphant thyme young tree-ready galloping Fred hyperbolist get-handy use instead use instead of until once I was a pool of ifs Puerco orange infinity pool of ifs turbulent teeth and kiss of light, kiss of jutters (California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah / Spring 2022)    
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