Patrick Sweeney

traveling the astral plane of Bacall's blue exhalation


never having been to war I dance as they shoot at my feet


first the dinosaurs and then the aunts and uncles


so lost I sat down on the curb and waited


petroglyphs and saber-toothed tigers I don't have a phone


red maple leaf let me stop you right there


he wants to know if he could fill the application out at home


he likes equations in which all the solutions are painted shut

Patrick Sweeney is a writer of short form poetry, who delights in jotting down the insignificant thoughts and images that constitute the lowly, livelong day.
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Blogger Jack Galmitz said...

Thoughtful and thought-provoking work.
Bacall blue will go down in history as SULTRY.
Thanks, Patrick.

4:31 AM  
Blogger Kit Kennedy said...

Thanks, Patrick, for your kind comment about my work. I enjoyed reading your pieces in Otoliths and in Synchronized Chaos -- a new online journal to me. Be well, Kit

4:11 AM  

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