John M. Bennett



Superation snore
yr outer skin rejection
lifted up yr arm ants

Crawler you a s tone
voice crinkler
lost behind yr shorts

Utter fist , behind
a door , a dying dog
guardian of the lake

Issued leaf , retraction
of yr cheek's door
slammed against the words

Yr blindness falls on table
sees the wait dried there


Lente , nube , caja , senda
donde ví mi mano invisible ,
dedos hoscuros en el huevo

Músculos rotos , rodeados
de agua o aire , mi
brazo pala en el lago

Intenté salir por mi oreja
mas oí el fango crepuscular
trago burbujante culeante

Testigo de mi piedra perdida
escribía en el pie de madera
dormido en canto

Vía brumosa con luz de
pizarra volteada al revés



En mi taza , calavera rota
con palos y textos licuados ,
the lifted plunger a bone

My head a cornice dripping
meat , a discursion in my tooth ,
tu sombrero de luz debajo de

La cama intrusa , mi puerta
jején y diccionario de grava es ,
drained books drip in the sink

Condensation of the thought you
lost a fork rusting in yr
bolsillo con monedas mondadas

Pesantez y liberación , bruma
clear & sweaty on yr plate


Dust wealth fills my
chair's hand under legs
the pillow's grease reveals

Effluent speech grits
your taped redoubt
its angle wave & wind

Folded plain cloud choked
spoke grass cattle dung
bound in weevil cuartos

Your straw feet sweat
grass & thunder , ammunition
water from the spigot hand

You kept the throne
you frayed the shirt the meat


My flame deboiled my
package crime unsealed
the hamster dried inside

Corpulentic book starvation
so I clung the hatchet
soil sought the blood

Drained my lunch declouded
meatballs lamplight saw
the greasy mirror forgot

Opened my gate or gaze ,
which , a phone in lake
falling up toward sky

Even wallet spelled
or the time


The tooth repelled the air
my face restained
restive for the roof

It rained beyond the
mirror your fork
contained , a sock

Contaminate with soot
my lips spoke out
their lensic curve fled

Off so crisp with air
a sword or spoon
swung thru buried

Hair a text unrotten
always there


The swallowed roof your
legs recall a shingled
shoe a walking stone's

Coangulation in yr face
or ants return to
castigate your buried soup

Other storm detail constructs
a faucet history where
were you? a flaccid glove

Reboiled in air on shoulder
of yr heavy boxes
filled with dirt & fingers

Grasp the wallet in your chest's
gritty syncopactic tongue


Mind yr is dateless was
a lung & feet , coag
ululation echo in the

Scribbled mirror was
downside up & falling
toward the sodden cardboard

Box where my shoe
was lost my breath
dimmed out my

Hand glimmered in the
glass recuerdo de la
pirámide con mi hueso

Puntiagudo , calavera
líquida que tu cara comía


Hair yr foot detrod ,
laberinto linear con
todos los fines sin fin

. Flooded alphabet dis
integración útil para la
nóicargetni de caspa en tu

Soup's relentless itching
del principio comestible
ensoñado en tu fuente

Empty with its contents
, unas albóndigas de aire
ricas de agua y agujas

. Un instante de tiempo .
and a river of spit ,


The lint my eye fulfilled
your light stabbed short
my shoe a losing knife

There a corn sprouts dead
a freezing hand but fingered
roamed the skin

Wire hair loops my face
your teeth broke out a
shore of burning stones

The air a cloudy skull
was thought & sinks
was box of water

Melted into ice
dusted with a word


Sinking toilet was a
gate & flight of legs
broke above the back

Twisted in yr waking
snore I coughed &
swallowed all the sodden

Book so dim it faints
hair so stiff it breaks
my cage flushed across

The sea its sunk lips
flaccid in yr hands
thinking beyond the cloud

My hair a knotted route
yr chair a spoon &  compass


Smouldered hair yr hat
compressed a thorn foam
it was yr cloud flaked

A white shadow in yr shirt
's fuel                     cage wind
stumbling thru yr skin

There was dirt & silence
was a shovel once yr
arm a shoe without no

Air             burning page
yr hand unnumbered
with the forks

Tools of smoke your
fingered arm decrowned


You flood a chair yr
body tongue a loop a
loop , dripping in dark

Floor yr toenails float
were ash & limestone
anterior to before

Inside yr face a
river speaks reverse
a cluster splintered

Off a tree seated
in yr lap's arms
your arms

Sunk leaves where the
shooter left its eyes


I cooked the brick
forgotten cheese &
clay a shoulder was

What now , or strat
ified below the lake
sunk in long shale

Every nothing is a
sword every word
a drinking glass

Etched upon yr lips
like cornerstones
not licked at all

Your lunch torn there
yr ageless moon

In Tléatl

The fingers are fog a
round the gun yr
eyes sugar yr
shale lung collapse

Drift zone driftless
seed yr clustered
soup dries inside
yr head     soap & lips

Dark water in yr
hand stone hard
lens sees wet
screen in hair

Turn your eye :
a sink on fire


A ticking hammer
nail off thumb
a crease spreads
inside the roast

The sea mermur
rises down walls
it's yr legless soup
& eyeless ice

Sand which hair
thrashes in
wind's explanation
hand sleeps in

Bed mouth swal
lows the storm

Lint Storm

Toast the streamed boy
molt then o truen o
no n tub burstd sh
am leaf or trembling

Tree's shredded arm
my dank mouth saw
cave thunder spellt
an odor other than

Choppd cage fire
saw yr face inversion
eye swirls against
yr mirror your mirror

Even water stinks
even spores of once
fragrant death a
broken bulb

Yr glass crackd high
yr drink of empty teeth


Inner shadow links
behind the wall your
shirt erects , it's a
boiler off the bulb

Your throat condensed
your foot a floater
down the flood after
all a turd

Collapsoration eyesight
shutters on a slimy
desk it's not my
hand spills the ink

Just yr shortened
flamer in the dusk


In the tub a burning book
in the book a bomb
in the thumb a broken
clue my spreading ice

Socks & forks a
cloud itches thru my
underwear a plastic

Wall my voice writ on
your shoe crossd my face

Towels & blood washd up


Utter book & blind
chronic convection
's my swelter said
family cushion stinks

Nor blanks inside
the glass broken on
a floor /”\\' ;:/ @|*#&*/...

Coughs a lot , redou
bles clawing neck

Dead hamster in yr shoe

Deaf Report

Peaks & shoes my eye
raven on a wall hair
rain coyote gusts east
clouds 🞅 🞅 🞅  face sausage

Shooters hustle in a gar
ment bag population sand
mirrors bathtub locutor
enigma , buried plain

Gelatinous beach depths
wings on fire       drifts
of flesh     dessication     la
farmacia canta sucia

A chair thunders down
a cliff                    Π   Π    Π

Falling thru Jim Leftwich's
“Weather Report”,  January 2023Exsomnia

Shoulder rain     my feet
waver     cross the landing
murk rises     up     steps

The wall     door      crisp
crack of dark     dead wind
book falls open     where

Laundry seeps     into floor
bent spoon     a glint
spells          yr face

Shoulder waver rises
wall cloud              falls
laundry     spoon     a face

Eat the dregs
)lake dust billowsShorter Flag

My dice melt     in cap
a shorter pool     laughter
sinks     beneath a mirror

wind escapes     out drain
dead grass     shines
a snake     sleeps

Clawd hand     drops phone
clickg     clickg     clickg
23 voices          lie

Skull water     speaks
shriveld     rabbit
forget               the dogs

dice pool mirror escapes
dead snake hand clicks

water                         barksAubade

Yr beast boils     un clamor
me abre          el pecho
cristal          espejo de sangre

Ashy window glass     wind
corrosion          air
portento          soñado

Mi tenedor          is grass
desagüe          ciego
I speak                      spoke

Heart     se abre tu espejo
winds     corrosion     sueño
tenedor     ciego     spoke

Shirted fog your ladder , sunk
light nestled in yr neck


Investive claim  my facial
disregard          was for
king     debate yr skin reversd

Hurt the door yr place in
vades a sandwich dries
on yr plate

Walkd out an hexplanation
figured loosely stam
merd in your armpit

Was a c lock inhald
a faucet twistd b
rightly watchd yr

Retreat come back or
folder of yr stones


Nada se ve

The rougher comb yr
head inhald a whistle
coughd beneath a bed

Aimd a sound retention
superfog you barely saw
's a camera films
black hhh air waving

In a lake or sunk
forest where yr shoe
a drink congeals , as
pirina desfocada con
tu nombre deletreado

sèver la . cumbre de tu
cuerpo , es la desapari...

Creep Thirst

Gastric liarstorm cerote
cob bone beast broth
yr shorter bungler pla

Cates the outer's it yet's
lice & twine hushd
sods awake , hours &
snakes cover slime de

Tails touch yr reeking
fork filterd optics
game , yr boot's
a toilet , rubbery
iota wind or dniw

Placenta lingers , tho
the aft's still even

Crapulation thru “Dimmer Switch”,
by Jim Leftwich, January 2023

               [December 2022 – January 2023]

Much detail about John M. Bennett can be found here. More work can be found at his blog.
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