John Martone

                                                                           destrue te totum want heart to be light as feather when that day comes º television show took my father’s watch apart this is your life in pieces º miniaturist I carve small pieces of bone lent is my favorite season º sun and me move along at the same time º the sun does its morning shovel work and I mine º sun in a bare tree my joy 2. Im Westen Nichts Neues forgetful he watches the sun set over a man-made lake  3. I’m waiting for a book with broken pages º it’s not too late for silence º sede in cella quasi in paradiso they name the cell after a cell the body is a welcoming space º the psalter lies open º the lettering           almost too small to read                     almost º a string of letters threads the needle º the page is an animal º no idea where the book I wanted to copy walked off to º I cut my finger cutting a quill º the unknowing eyes fail a cloud- less sky
John Martone continues to produce small editions of his work under the Tufo imprint (most recently That One) and to plant trees.
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Blogger John said...

More extraordinary poems from an amazing poet!

John Levy

2:48 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Martone san,

Magical work.

-Patrick Sweeney

6:52 AM  

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