Howie Good

Failed Haiku 1 Government counts using fingers and toes Or speaks through clenched teeth, A series of excited clucks made by a hen, One with a long shadow. 2 A stone polished By wind-blown sand – An expression of joy Among Arab women. 3 An extremely elderly demon, The hag who murders children In the womb or at birth and then Clings to the souls of mothers And talks through their mouths.

No Mercy In memory of painter and Holocaust survivor Fred Terna The fire of a crematorium chimney cast flickering light on a barrack wall. Much later, he saw a woman running in stiletto heels and cringed. Mountains wore down to valleys. The form of flames was still there, but in greens and blues. He always knew that it wouldn’t go away, that he’d have to live with it. Animals think and feel and people still kill and eat them.

Howie Good's newest poetry collection, Heart-Shape Hole, which also includes examples of his handmade collages, is forthcoming from Laughing Ronin Press.
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Blogger Jack Galmitz said...

Powerful work, Howie.
Terrifying, really, but you give it beauty, grace, and meaning.
The collages correspond well.
Thanks for you here, too.

12:23 PM  

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