Mario José Cervantes

Mario José Cervantes (b. Barranquilla, Colombia, 1971). His work appears in both print and digital media: Germany (Leere Mitte), Argentina (La Hoja M, La Tzara, Tse-Tse), Brazil (Alfarrabios, Zunai), Canada (Experiment-O), Cuba (Desliz), Spain (Veneno), Australia (Otoliths), USA (Word For/Word), Hungary (Nyugat Plusz), Portugal (Big Ode). He has participated in several exhibitions: Chile (La Universidad Desconocida, 2009), France (Biennale de Poésie Visuelle à Ille-sur-Têt, 2015 and 2017), Colombia (I Salón Nacional de Poesía Visual, 2014) and Brazil (I Jornada Internacional de Poesia Visual: Pesquisa e Criação, 2021). Also in the digital anthology Gramma Visual (Spain, 2006). In 2016 he published his — so far — only book of visual poetry, Magma (Babilonia Asociación Cultural, Barcelona, Spain).

He notes: "Frank Armitage is a pseudonym, used by John Carpenter to submit the script for the film "They Live." And, in this case, as if it were a fictional author who wrote the Slogans. Actually it is an appropriation of a scene from the script and that was filmed in the movie."
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