Brandstifter, C. Mehrl Bennett, & John M. Bennett

Brandstifter (Firestarter) is an interdisciplinary Artist and Networker from Germany. With Happenings, Visual and Perfomance Art, as well as sound and music and interventions in public space, Brandstifter uses communicative means of social interaction to transform anarchic concepts from everyday life into burning-down-the-house Intermedia. http://www.brand-stiftung.net/

C. Mehrl Bennett Bennett lives in Columbus OH, USA, as an artist, mail artist, poet, visual poet with a fluxus attitude. Most recent publication is a book titled It’s a Poem or an Event, or Maybe Both, 2023, Luna Bisonte Prods. More about this book etc. at https://cmehrlbennett.wordpress.com/.

Much detail about John M. Bennett can be found here. More work can be found at his blog.
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